May 30, 2023

A total of 984,108 citizens and citizens, 29,586 of them in the province of Huelvathey have sent their absentee ballot for the regional and municipal elections to be held next Sunday, May 28.

The term for the deposit of the vote ended this Thursday, May 25, according to the extension decision adopted by the Central Electoral Board.

These figures imply 6.4% more regarding the number of votes by mail admitted in the previous regional and municipal elections held on May 26, 2019, which also coincided with the elections to the European Parliament.

All Correos resources at the service of the electoral process

Mail it has provided all the organizational, technological, material and human resources necessary to guarantee compliance with the public service obligations entrusted to it in the electoral processes. Specifically, Correos has carried out 2,500 reinforcement contracts, both for offices and for the delivery of shipments and the necessary tasks in logistics centers.

In addition, Correos has applied other measures such as the extraordinary opening on May 18 and 25 in offices of towns that celebrated their local holidays on those days, to facilitate procedures related to voting by mail. The hours of attention to the public have also been extended in numerous offices in the country, such as the one in Melilla, which has been open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; the offices around the village of El Rocío or all those in the capital of Madrid and towns with more than 50,000 inhabitants in the Community of Madrid, which have opened half an hour earlier and closed half an hour later. All this to streamline and facilitate the management of voting by mail as much as possible.

Correos has also made every effort to coordinate the postal logistics network and deploy all the necessary means to ensure that the votes admitted at any of its public service points throughout Spain are delivered next Sunday at the corresponding polling station.

Special logistics device for election day

For the election day of May 28, the public postal company is entrusted with the mission of delivering the votes sent by mail at the polling stations.

To this end, Correos will establish a special logistics deployment, made up of more than 12,000 professionals, including delivery personnel, offices and treatment centers, and will mobilize all the vehicles in its fleet that are necessary for the correct development of its mission.

When the polling stations open, a first team of staff from the postal company will deliver the votes in custody at the 60,587 polling stations distributed in the 22,916 polling stations of the 8,131 municipalities in Spain.

Another group of employees will deliver to the polling stations those votes by mail that could be received during the course of the day. Finally, another team will collect the so-called “third envelope”, with the final result of the scrutiny, from the polling stations of each and every one of the country’s polling stations.

Census cards and electoral propaganda

The collaboration of Correos in the regional and municipal elections of May 28 also extends to the distribution of registration cards in the census and the shipments of electoral propaganda, in addition to communications to members of the polling stations and shipments to the Town Halls from the census list.

The State Society has distributed 35,531,011 census cards sent by the National Institute of Statistics to the homes of citizens with the right to vote next Sunday, May 28, which contain the data of their registration in the census, as well as the electoral college and the polling station that corresponds to them.

In addition, during the electoral campaign period, Correos is distributing the electoral propaganda shipments of the different parties and coalitions that attend the elections.

destination province Postal votes allowed
ANDALUSIA Almeria 17,745
Cadiz 19,098
Cordova 17,086
Grenade 21,090
Huelva 29,586
Jaen 21,337
Malaga 25,684
Seville 49,749
TOTAL 201,375
ARAGON Huesca 7,072
Teruel 4,513
Saragossa 20,468
TOTAL 32,053
CANARY ISLANDS the palms 28,098
Tenerife 22,304
TOTAL 50,402
Burgos 11,052
Lion 13,386
Palencia 5,120
Salamanca 9,313
segovia 3,796
Soria 3,090
Valladolid 12,841
Zamora 7,721
TOTAL 71,420
CASTILLA LA MANCHA Albacete 10,784
Real city 13,112
Basin 7,222
Guadalajara 6,538
Toledo 14,595
TOTAL 52,251
CATALONIA Barcelona 54,261
Girona 5,885
Lleida 5,563
tarragona 6,761
TOTAL 72,470
ESTREMADURA badajoz 17,983
caceres 14,111
TOTAL 32,094
GALICIA A Coruña 18,460
lugo 8,941
Ourense 9,201
pontevedra 15,867
TOTAL 52,469

BASQUE COUNTRY alava 8,182
guipuzcoa 17,647
Biscay 32,235
TOTAL 58,064
COMMUNITY Alicante 24,380
VALENCIAN Castellon 9,919
Valencia 44,684
TOTAL 78,983
MADRID 169,763
MURCIA 21,401
NAVARRE 14,192
CEUTA 1,969

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