May 30, 2023
Anastasia Volochkova with her daughter Ariadna.  Photo: social networks.

Anastasia Volochkova with her daughter Ariadna. Photo: social networks.

Passions are raging again in the family of Anastasia Volochkova. The other day, a sobbing ballerina recorded a video for social networks in which she accused her own daughter of selfishness. The actress was offended by the 17-year-old heiress for not inviting her mother to her prom. Volochkova said that Ariadne was simply jealous of her fame and success.

– Ariadne had everything since childhood! – said the weeping Volochkova, accusing her daughter of ingratitude. – Let me explain why my daughter doesn’t want to see me at her prom. In a conversation with me, she explained the reason. It’s not that I’m a bad mom. I am a wonderful mother, the best on earth. The most important role, mother, I fulfilled. My daughter does not want to see me at the prom for the reason that if I show up there, I will divert attention from her.

From the age of 13, the ballerina’s daughter lives with her father, businessman Igor Vdovin, and his new wife, TV presenter Elena Nikolaeva. Volochkova is sure that her ex-husband and his wife are turning their daughter against her. But in the Vdovin family they are sure that the scandal that broke out happened solely because of a misunderstanding between mother and daughter.

TV presenter Elena Nikolaeva explained why her stepdaughter did not want to see her mother at the prom. According to her, it’s all about the conflict between Ariadne and her mother. Perhaps the girl does not want her mother to appear at the graduation, because her father Igor Vdovin, as well as Ariadna’s boyfriend, are going to come to the celebration.

“Arisha is preparing herself for graduation, the dress has already been ordered. She knew exactly what she wanted in six months. As for graduation, none of our family interferes in her relationship with her mother. I don’t even know Anastasia. So I have neither positive nor negative emotions for her. Probably, the graduation story is some of their internal conflicts and discussions. They communicate in waves: sometimes yes, sometimes no. Recently, Arisha performed at some concert with Volochkova, then they stopped contacting. It seems to me that all teenagers have mood swings. You love your parents, then you hate, ”said Elena Nikolaeva.

TV presenter Elena Nikolaeva.  Photo: social networks.

TV presenter Elena Nikolaeva. Photo: social networks.

The stepmother will not be able to come to Ariadne’s graduation – she has too much work. But the TV presenter worries about her stepdaughter, like her own daughter. According to Elena, Arisha is focused on her studies and her future: the girl has already been invited to the Higher School of Economics. Apparently, therefore, Ariadne does not attach too much importance to her prom.

“For Arisha, this is just another stage. And for some, it’s part of the show: you can cry, show, tell, ”concluded Elena Nikolaeva.

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