May 30, 2023
Junior Sergeant Rafik Muradyan and Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Molkov

Junior Sergeant Rafik Muradyan and Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Molkov

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

We continue to acquaint you with the heroes of the special operation “Z” – participants in the hostilities in the Donbass. Privates, sergeants, corporals and officers who showed their professional experience, character and completed combat missions. Their determination, assertiveness and combat experience in the Russian Ministry of Defense, in the police units of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, are given the highest rating.

Our heroes thwarted the attacks and prevented the counteroffensive of the nationalists, for which they received state awards. But they do not serve for the sake of praise.

The servicemen are sure that the enemy has no chance of success, because Donbass and Russia are fighting for a just cause.

“A single pursuit destroys a fleeing enemy,” said Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov, who did not lose a single battle. He also taught: “Beat the enemy, sparing neither him nor yourself, hold on evil, fight to the death, the one who has less pity for himself wins.”


Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Molkov

“During the fighting in one of the tactical areas, Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Molkov personally led artillery units. Squeezing out the nationalists from their positions, Russian artillerymen under the leadership of Molkov managed to hit part of the enemy’s armored vehicles, as well as suppress his artillery. The high quality of shooting by Molkov’s subordinates forced the nationalists to leave their firing positions. Due to the fact that the enemy lost fire support, the intensity of shelling of our positions decreased, which made it possible to go on the counteroffensive. The enemy suffered significant losses and was unable to hold their positions, and was forced to withdraw deep into the territories under their control.”


Junior Sergeant Rafik Muradyan

“The artillery battalion, which included the driver of the guard, junior sergeant Rafik Muradyan, performed a combat mission of providing fire support to a company tactical group fighting to capture the enemy’s fortified stronghold. The enemy, seeking to deprive our troops of artillery support, began a massive shelling of the positions of the division. During the next volley, the combat vehicle received shrapnel damage from a shell that exploded nearby, as a result of which it failed and could not redeploy, and also continue to fire.

Assessing the situation, realizing the danger of the current situation, Muradyan, under enemy artillery fire, restored the damaged combat vehicle to work. With courageous and professional actions, involving a risk to his life, Muradyan was able to prevent the destruction of the artillery crew. Thanks to the professionalism and courage of the guards, junior sergeant Rafik Muradyan, the crew of the combat vehicle changed its firing position and continued to carry out fire missions, as a result of which the stronghold of the militants was destroyed.”

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