June 1, 2023

He Socialist Party has put the point and end to the electoral campaign in an act that took place at the Los Desniveles Social Center in which the candidate for mayor and current mayor, gabriel crosshas been supported by his team and by different representatives of Huelva society.

The socialist concluded fifteen days of the campaign declaring that this end is “the most eagerly awaited moment and that I always look forward to the most, but not because of tiredness, if not on the contrary. During all this time you are charging yourself with strength and renewing that illusion, that ambition and that desire”.

Cross He reiterated that both he and the team that accompanies him in his re-election as mayor are “looking forward to starting the new term in the City Council, looking forward to starting this new term and continuing on the path of progress, growth and development. We have to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the city of Huelva, which is at its best. We are eager to be able to undertake this task and fulfill our responsibility and our commitment surrounded by an unbeatable team”.

In addition, the candidate has stated that he felt very supported throughout the campaign, “not only by my party and my team, but by all of Huelva society. When I look back on these days I see many smiles, and I feel very proud because I know that they are the smiles of confidence, conviction and security”.

“We are going to govern the city of Huelva for the next four years and we are going to do it with the same enthusiasm, the same dedication and the same commitment and we are going to give ourselves body and soul to this city and its citizens. Because nothing is above Huelva. My commitment and that of my candidacy is solely and exclusively with Huelva and with the citizenry” stated Cruz.

Finally, the candidate declared that “in these last hours of the campaign, what we have to do is smile, keep our enthusiasm intact and strong, and look to the future, which is very immediate, because I only see opportunities, progress, prosperity, development and what I most wish for Huelva, the happiness of all my neighbors and all my neighbors”.

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