May 30, 2023

Huelva companies ‘Astro Emotions’, ‘Goure’, ‘Hermes Security Solutions’, ‘PickPick’ and ‘Stemdo’ have been chosen as provincial winners of the tenth edition of the ‘We Undertake Top 50 Awards’driven by the Ministry of University, Research and Innovationthrough Andalucía Emprende, to recognize the most innovative companies with the greatest potential for growth and job creation in the region.

These firms, which have obtained a direct pass to the regional final of these awards, have been selected by a jury of experts from different organizations dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship in Huelva, chaired by the General Director of Entrepreneurship Promotion and Continuing Education of the Department of the University, Pilar Marín.

Marín, who has congratulated the 15 companies that have managed to reach this provincial phase, has highlighted the importance of innovation as a “differentiating value” of the chosen projects, the “bet on technology” and the attitude of its promoters as ” key ingredients for a company to achieve success”. In addition, he has valued the courage of the promoters of these initiatives, whom he has considered as “the true engines of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Huelva, due to their ability to stimulate and grow the economy by creating jobs.”

The five winning companies go directly to the ranking of Top50 companies with the greatest impact in the region and will compete in the regional final with another 35, from the other Andalusian provinces, to win the award for the most innovative company in the region.

Along with the five winners, three other companies from Huelva, ‘Water and Industry’, ‘The Green Game’ and ‘HV Reparto Sostenible Social’, have been selected as candidates for the Top50 ranking, launched in the last edition to recognize the 50 initiatives with the greatest impact of the Andalusian entrepreneurial ecosystem. These signatures now go to a ‘second chance’ phase, in which only ten will be selected by a regional committee among the 24 that remain in positions six, seven and eight of the eight provincial phases that are held in Andalusia.

Of the 224 candidacies that have been presented throughout Andalusia, 35 companies They have attended the tenth edition of the Emprendemos Top50 Awards in Huelva.

About the winners

‘Astro Emociones’ is a firm dedicated to the development of astronomy activities and scientific dissemination through innovative experiences designed to discover the universe in a dynamic and participatory way.

‘Stemdo’ is a B2B digital platform for the recruitment of STEM talent, which allows companies to train, employ and connect with technological talent highly trained in the latest technologies, so that they can collaborate and work together on innovative projects.

‘Hermes Security Solutions’ is an offensive cybersecurity company based on hybrid pentesting tests using advanced artificial intelligence that minimizes the risk of receiving cyberattacks, protecting the critical infrastructures of SMEs, large corporations and government entities.

‘PickPick’ is a harvesting tool, made up of gloves that allow productivity to be increased and speeded up in harvesting tasks for products that have to be collected piece by piece, such as red fruits, cherry tomatoes, coffee, etc.

‘Goure’ is a rural solution that helps local Andalusian farmers and ranchers to sell their product directly, easily and fairly through a system of adoptions to European customers who value the quality of artisan production

About the applicants

The GreenGame’ is an educational game designed to teach farming in a sustainable way and encourage educational processes generated in organic gardens.

‘HV Reparto Sostenible Social’ is the first and only cooperative of non-profit workers in social interest in Huelva dedicated to last-mile services and home delivery in a sustainable way, through the manufacture of electric bicycles with a large load capacity , from the reuse and recycling of others.

Regional Gala X Emprendemos Top50 Awards

The regional gala of the X Emprendemos Top50 Awards, which is being organized by Andalucía Emprende, will take place at Carmen de los Chapiteles in Granada on June 28. The objectives of this contest are to recognize and give visibility to the most innovative Andalusian companies, to promote connection and networking between people who want to create, develop or transform a company and to inspire those who have not yet taken a step forward, stimulating creativity and search for business opportunities.

A regional jury made up of leading entrepreneurs and businessmen and financing experts will choose the three most innovative companies in Andalusia at this gala, among the 50 finalists. As a reward, they will receive personalized services to promote business development, high-level advice and training, an international business agenda and access to investors.

In addition, the 50 initiatives with the greatest impact of the Andalusian entrepreneurial ecosystem will be recognized, which will be awarded the ‘Top50 Seal’, a distinction that was launched last year and that is consolidated in this one, after the positive evaluation of the companies that obtained it.

This seal provides the selected firms with direct and personalized access to support services for entrepreneurship and the creation, consolidation and internationalization of companies provided by the Junta de Andalucía, allowing them to connect with leading corporations and startups. In addition, they benefit from promotion and dissemination as TOP 50 companies in Andalusia; preparation and support to access groups of national and international investors; as well as advice, training and assistance to networking days to facilitate the establishment of contacts, synergies and collaborative alliances.

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