May 30, 2023
Actress Ekaterina Vilkova weighs 53 kg with a height of 170 cm.

Actress Ekaterina Vilkova weighs 53 kg with a height of 170 cm.

Photo: STS TV channel

Losing weight by the summer and keeping the weight off is a task with an asterisk for self-critical ladies, which turns into a real sprint in the last days of May. But some people in this race cannot stop, continuing to hone their once healthy body to the bone. Particularly scrupulous in relations with the weight of the artist, who is either a television camera or unlucky photographers strive to add a couple of extra pounds. Once upon a time, these stars delighted the eye with appetizing forms, but now their exciting reliefs only memories remain.


Height 175 cm, weight 60 kg

Catherine Barnabas

Catherine Barnabas

Photo: social media

Ever since Barnabas as chief sex symbol lit in Comedy Woman, leaked at least 20 kilograms. At some point, the comedian, by her own admission, stopped liking herself on the screen, and the women’s show was already breathing its last – the prospect of remaining “fat and unemployed” loomed ahead … Horrified by the new status, the artist decided to become a vegetarian and generally eat on Faina Ranevskaya’s system – “eating naked in front of a mirror.” This has borne fruit. “Skin and bones” is now the most common comment on Ekaterina Varnava’s social networks. Although the star herself is very pleased.

The actress starts the morning with a glass of warm water, breakfast with a tiny portion of cottage cheese with nuts, berries and honey. For lunch – vegetable salad, steamed beans. And in the evening, the “most interesting” happens: Barnabas simply ignores hunger, because she forbade herself to have dinner after 19.00, and at this time she is still working with might and main. If the last meal does happen, steamed vegetables appear on the artist’s plate.

Among experts, such a regime, as well as the appearance of a comedian, cause a lot of criticism. Nutritionists have repeatedly stated that the artist is underweight, which is fraught with metabolic disorders and hormonal problems, and yet Barnabas has no children yet. And psychologists have repeatedly warned that the actress is on the verge of anorexia: a little more and she can stop eating altogether. In such cases, it is extremely difficult to return to normal even with the help of doctors.


Height 165 cm, weight 47 kg

Miroslava Karpovich

Miroslava Karpovich

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

That’s who for many years has to explain himself for his “transparent” appearance: under each post Karpovich wits write that it is possible to study anatomy from it, and such a figure – “the best anti-ad for anorexia”. But Miroslava has been living in a new weight for more than a year and does not complain about her health: “At my pace, there is no time to even think about coughing. I eat well, I pray every day, I love hard, I work on myself!”. Moreover, the actress is sure that she is built “very tightly”.

– I eat absolutely everything, but I don’t overeat, otherwise I want to sleep later. I like sweets a little more. From the load I prefer swimming; if I freeze in the pool, I go out and warm myself with strength exercises from yoga – an hour a day is enough. I also love to walk. I am very picky about myself, I don’t give a descent, – explains “daddy’s daughter”.

However, even with such a physique the actress manages to periodically lose weight. So, after breaking up with Pavel Priluchny, her weight dropped to 45 kg, which is why her friends sounded the alarm.


Height 170 cm, weight 53 kg

Ekaterina Vilkova

Ekaterina Vilkova

Photo: STS TV channel

Today, in Ekaterina Vilkova it is difficult to recognize a blond girl with a charming round face, familiar to the viewer from Stilyagi and the first Yolki. Since the actress married a colleague Ilya Lyubimov and gave birth to two sons, she literally melted before our eyes. Ten kilograms evaporated turned out to be critical: fans regret that “all the beauty has gone along with the weight” and ask the actress to return to her former forms.

At the same time, Vilkova, according to her, does not go on diets and does not go to the gym: she has enough homework with two children and employment on the set. Now, for example, she is filming in the series “Heirs. Gift of Blood”, where viewers will see her character with dark hair, a short haircut and a tattoo on her neck.

– For the first time I tried on such makeup that perfectly reflects the character of the heroine: sharp, tough and uncompromising, – says the artist.

By the way, at one time, Catherine also uncompromisingly refused flour and flour products, sweets, sausages, fast food and potatoes, so the actress is still disingenuous about nutrition without restrictions.

DIANA ARBENINA, 48 years old

Height 165 cm, weight 52-55 kg

Diana Arbenina

Diana Arbenina

Photo: social media

“Night Sniper” was never fat, but aspired to rocker chic: they say, it would be nice to lose a couple of kilograms so that the cheekbones are sharpened, and thin arms look spectacular with a massive guitar. But this year, having carried out her plan, Arbenina went even further, becoming thinner with each new concert on the tour. In the next city, a compassionate fan asked the artist to stop right during the show, to which the singer publicly stated: “Look at me! Who doesn’t like the way I look? Personally, I am very pleased with myself!”.

Arbenin does not accept diets in principle, and loses weight, as a rule, for other reasons. For example, once the singer was emaciated due to severe stress, without revealing the subject of her experiences. Even now, fans suspect that the artist’s weight loss is not at all connected with a beauty transformation, but with a disease. Moreover, the recently weakened “sniper” was seriously injured and had to interrupt the tour.

I slipped and fell on the stairs in my house. I got a spinal injury, I can’t walk yet. I will perform as soon as I literally get on my feet, – said Diana, urging the fans not to worry.

ELENA LYADOVA, 42 years old

Height 166 cm, weight 50 kg

Elena Lyadova.  Photo: Central Partnership

Elena Lyadova. Photo: Central Partnership

A few years ago the actress became an “ideological vegetarian”, categorically refusing meat, fish and other food of animal origin. And this happened because of an incident on the set, where Lyadova was called by a foreign director. The project turned out to be extreme: at the stage of preparation, the artist had to … kill a deer, butcher it and eat it. It all ended in scandal and a broken contract.

– I think that this is not the greatest spiritual achievement of a person: to learn to fry, salt their own kind, who can live, be fruitful, who have a character and their own tasks. It seems to me that this is just very primitive: kill and devour, – the star is sure.

On a plant-based diet, the actress lost 16 kilograms, allegedly without any effort.

– You do not need any exotic dishes in the diet, everything is simple – the tops are solid. Russian people from time immemorial, it seems to me, have been eating tops – meat has always been very expensive. In our culture, there is no daily consumption of meat. The manufacturer inspires a myth about the benefits of jamon and marbled beef. Believe me, all the same is in vegetable protein, if it is used correctly, – the artist explains, fighting off accusations of painful thinness: they say, she has complete order with her health.


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