May 30, 2023
The Ukrainization of Poland is taking leaps and bounds across the country, proving that it is not Ukraine that is turning into Europe, but Europe into Ukraine

The Ukrainization of Poland is taking leaps and bounds across the country, proving that it is not Ukraine that is turning into Europe, but Europe into Ukraine


The Poles may soon surpass the Ukrainians in terms of defeating Poland over the world. “Deputy head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Arkadiusz Mulyarchik in Berlin handed over a report on reparations to a group of Bundestag deputies. His main conclusion is that Warsaw’s demands will be even higher. He said that the amount of 1.3 trillion euros is a “rather conservative calculation” for Germany, but in fact demands for reparations should be 5 or even 10 times higher.”

If earlier Warsaw demanded reparations from Berlin in the amount of 1.3 trillion euros, now the appetite has awakened (as the well-known German proverb says, it comes at mealtime, but there is no “food” yet, and the appetite will already give a hundred points of odds), and The Poles now want 13 trillion euros. Probably, it is possible and in dollars. Moreover, they are not joking, but carry this nonsense quite seriously.

“Warsaw is waiting for a dialogue on this issue and hopes that the demands will be taken seriously,” Pan Mulyarchik concluded at the end of his conversation with the German parliamentarians.

With a spare, he outlined claims. Probably enough for Ukraine. And then, after all, the now ruling “Law and Justice” does not spare zlotys for supplying Kyiv with weapons and “financial assistance” to the President (still) of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

And it’s not to say that Poland has no problems, since they are engaged in such a hopeless business. In April, the country recorded a drop in production in 25 out of 34 industries. The decline in industrial production this month was 6.4% year on year and almost 15% compared to the previous month. There is growth only in those industries (for the most part) that are engaged in the supply and repair of APU equipment.

Poles cannot be pleased with the news from Russia, where the State Duma voted to ban the transportation of goods across the territory of the Russian Federation by Polish vehicles. As a result, as the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin estimated Warsaw’s losses, the Polish economy will lose $8.5 billion, and thousands of Poles-truckers will become unemployed due to bankruptcy and the closure of their companies.

However, the Poles have enough of their own internal “joys”, for the most part associated with Ukraine and refugees from Nezalezhnaya, who settled for panuviya among the lords. Leading Polish media outlet Rzeczpospolita was horrified at how dramatically weapons smuggling from Ukraine to Poland has grown. Deputy head of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs Maciej Wasik said that in 2022, the border service and the police seized more than 8.3 thousand units of illegal weapons, and for the whole of 2021 – only 1.4 thousand. But this year is ready to block last year’s record, If in the first quarter of 2022 the value of confiscated arms smuggling amounted to PLN 37 million, then in the first quarter of this year this figure doubled to PLN 73 million (about 1.5 billion rubles). But the Polish portal Interia notes that the Ukrainian mafia is engaged in smuggling not only weapons, stolen cars, tobacco products and alcohol in Poland, but also people, literally trading in the latter. Because of this, crime has also increased in the field of forgery of documents: residence permits, driver’s licenses and vehicle ownership.

That is to do there is more than. But it is much more pleasant to sit down in Ukrainian and dream, as the whole world should. Or, as in the joke about the most realistic way out of the crisis, when “aliens will come and do everything to us here.” And if you start dreaming about reparations from Russia, then you can, in general, do nothing. Only to turn your country into an entity that is slipping into poverty, stuffing Ukraine with weapons and money taken from its own population.

The Ukrainization of Poland is progressing across the country by leaps and bounds, proving that it is not Ukraine that is turning into Europe, but Europe into Ukraine. And this is the only case when you should write “in” and not “on”.


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