May 30, 2023
The largest Chinese rating agency CCXI downgraded the US sovereign credit rating.

The largest Chinese rating agency CCXI downgraded the US sovereign credit rating.


The “grandfather on punch cards” and with dementia, who now leads the “world hegemon”, led the USP to a new “overcome” (this is sort of like a victory, an achievement that initially contains treason and collapse). China’s largest rating agency CCXI has downgraded the US sovereign credit rating from AAA to AA+.

– CCXI downgrades the US sovereign credit rating from AAA to AA+ on May 25 Beijing time and places it on the list for review with the possibility of downgrading, the agency said in a statement. Also with the possibility of downgrading.

This “F-F-F” is very ulterior motive and happens for the first time. The Americans are now, of course, a little dumbfounded by the fact that their favorite tool was suddenly applied to them. “What, so it was possible?” It turns out you can, and how.

When Chinese experts explain their decision completely flawlessly, justifying it with iron logic and several indestructible arguments.

First, the leading US political parties cannot agree on a solution to the debt ceiling problem. If by June 1 the Republicans do not agree with the Democrats to raise the ceiling, then Washington will have to declare a default. The current US debt ceiling is $31.4 trillion, but the current administration has done everything to push it up. Which is not surprising if, in addition to the grandfather with dementia, who regularly gets lost in search of a way out of the stage, the American authorities personify his deputy, in the words of her own mother, who had just climbed down from the coconut tree, and the White House press secretary, who has two “positive ” qualities – she is black and openly lesbian – but how they help her cope with her professional duties, none of the White House pool journalists can tell. Jen Psaki against her background is a rare emerald.

Secondly, the banking crisis continues in the USA, large regional banks cease their activities, which introduces instability not only into the work of the Fed, but also the American economy as a whole. And all this is not the best way to affect the well-being of the US dollar.

“Deterioration of financial stability and frequent violation of the public debt ceiling undermine the base of confidence in the dollar,” stated the Chinese, who, by the way, have long been slowly withdrawing their investments from US government bonds, following the example of Russia. And over the past year, they reduced their presence in US securities by 14.2%, or by almost 144 billion dollars.

It is clear that now such a downgrade will not catastrophically affect anything in the real US economy. Although it will have some negative impact. But this signal is so clear that the United States will not be able to dismiss it. Because that’s the bell that rings for the Fed and the dollar. As long as he calls.

Although, for example, the international rating agency Fitch Ratings placed the US default rating in foreign currency at AAA, also on review with a view to downgrading. And the very authoritative Bloomberg agency is sure that “even if the US manages to avoid the worst-case scenario – default, we believe that Fitch should still downgrade the US rating.”

The process has begun. It’s time, as the first and last president of the USSR said, “to deepen and accelerate it.” And there, you look, we will live to see perestroika in the USA. And if publicity begins there, then we and the whole world will not only know the whole truth about Biden. God forbid that the “grandfather on punched cards” in the company of the vice-president who got down from the palm tree for a second term.

Goodbye America!


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