June 1, 2023

José Ignacio García, parliamentary spokesman for Forward Andalusiahas come to Huelva this Friday to support the candidate of his party for mayor of Huelva, Jesús Amador, and the militants of the Huelva capital on the last day of the campaign.

In his intervention before the media, José Ignacio García pointed out that “we want to give two main messages: one of gratitude. For Adelante Andalucía Huelva is not just any place, Huelva is a fundamental place, an essential place, because any transformation of Andalusia will always happen through Huelva. Huelva is often the backyard of Andalusia. If Andalusia is forgotten, Huelva is often doubly so, and we don’t forget that”.

Therefore, for the parliamentary spokesman for Adelante Andalucía “it was essential to come up with a candidacy like the one we have come up with. We want to thank the militancy and Jesús Amador because they have carried out a historic campaign, a campaign without a penny, without professional politicians. The cheapest campaign of all those that have been presented in the city of Huelva. A campaign without resources but with effort, a lot of struggle, a lot of honesty and a lot of enthusiasm to transform this city”.

Along these lines, García has launched a second message to the citizens of Huelva to end the campaign: “The polls tell us that in a few votes, in very few votes, the Huelva Mayor’s Office is at stake.

Forward Andalusia defends Doñana

We are gambling that the Popular Party, responsible for destroying Doñana, responsible for ending social rights, ending public services, arrives in Huelva and devastates. Therefore, here there are only two options: either the Popular Party governs hand in hand with the extreme right or Adelante Andalucía enters. The only useful vote that there is this Sunday to stop the right is that of Adelante Andalucía. is to vote for jesus amador”.

Along these lines, he has insisted that “in very few votes we risk entering and tipping the balance in favor of the right not ruling. The vote for Adelante Andalucía is a vote that guarantees one hundred percent that we will stop the right wing, but at the same time it is a vote that will not give the Socialist Party a blank check. We address all those voters, sympathizers, of the Socialist Party who know that the PSOE in Huelva is especially turned to the right. Vote Adelante Andalucía is to guarantee that there will be pressure that will make the PSOE stop turning to the right. Vote Adelante Andalucía is to vote for the socialists from the heart and it is to vote for the honest people of the left. For this reason, we call on that useful vote of the left, the people who want a better Huelva, vote Adelante Andalucía and vote for an exceptional candidate like Jesús Amador”.

For his part, candidate Jesús Amador stressed that “this group of people who make up the Adelante Andalucía candidacy, in which we all consider ourselves equal regardless of the number that corresponds to us on the list, are absolutely convinced of the need for this party for the defense of the interests of our land”.

In this sense, the Andalusian candidate has emphasized the idea that “we no longer want to be the dumping ground for Europe and we no longer want to be the forgotten of the forgotten. Especially, in Huelva, we believe that Gabriel Cruz understood at some point that he had to point to the right with his policies to stop what was coming from the Port and we believe that he has disappointed a lot of the population”.

For this reason, Amador is clear: “We do not want people to stay at home. If you consider yourself to be on the left and you are disappointed, we have shown in recent years and in this candidacy with our proposals that we have only talked about the program while others have used the institutions and the war between them to campaign. In Adelante Andalucía we have put a left-wing program on the table, and we call for people to vote in their own defense, in defense of Andalusia”.

Jesús Amador has continued pointing out that “our expectations, which were to be able to transfer a program that permeates the idea that Andalusia has to continue awakening, because there is already an awakening, for the defense of our land, we believe that this is covered, that we have met that expectation.”

Finally, emphasizing the idea pointed out by José Ignacio García, Amador shows his certainty that “we are going to be decisive and binding when it comes to putting policies on the table. We are not going to enter a government with the PSOE, since we believe that the Socialist Party does not deserve our involvement within it, but we are going to condition measures on it and we are going to prevent the right from governing ”.

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