June 1, 2023
Singer Kristina Orbakaite.

Singer Kristina Orbakaite.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Christina Orbakaite celebrates the 52nd anniversary modestly and in a family way. Daughter of Alla Pugacheva she celebrated her holiday in the USA, where she now spends most of her time. Next to her is her husband Mikhail Zemtsov, daughter Klava and eldest son Nikita Presnyakov. The younger Dani Baysarov is overseas.

famous housekeeper Alla Pugacheva knows Kristina Orbakaite her whole life. “I came to Alla when Christina was eight years old. And almost immediately she drowned in my bathroom. When we lived on Gorky Street, I began to rinse her in the bathroom. And there the bath was wide, not like in other apartments. And Christina went under my water,” said Lyudmila Dorodnova.

According to her, Christina grew up as a wonderful child. “She was an artist right away – in her makings were visible from childhood. Alla Pugacheva never interfered in Christina’s life. You know how some mothers pull their kids … She still says: “I never helped Christina in any way. She did everything on her own.” It’s true. This is only the merit of Christina herself,” Lucy confesses.

Housekeeper prays that everything will be fine in the Orbakaite family. Dorodnova claims that a difficult period has begun in the life of the singer, associated with attacks by ill-wishers.

“Now a lot of evil people have appeared. These evil people are building intrigues everywhere, all around. I want these evil people to go away from their family,” the housekeeper quotes site mk.ru.

She added that Orbakaite herself would hardly talk about her troubles. “Thank God that Christina never paid attention to them,” says Dorodnova.

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