May 30, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

On May 12 at 22:00, TNT will show a new episode of the Galustyan + sketch show, in which the popular comedian Mikhail Galustyan, together with his friends, will transform into a variety of characters and will caustically ridicule everything that surrounds Russians today.

The audience is again waiting for a meeting with the most unfortunate hero of Mikhail Galustyan, who always wants the best, but it turns out, as always. Alexander Rodionovich Borodach, with his usual enthusiasm, continues to master the profession of a courier and invent new life hacks. For example, why use a vehicle to deliver a product if the product itself is the vehicle? True, there is a risk of damage, but this does not frighten the Bearded Man.

And on Rublyovka, where traffic cops eager for bribes patrol the roads. the hero of Denis Dorokhov, sergeant Kunitsyn, constantly chooses drivers not of his weight category, and therefore walks half-dead and bruised. In the new sketch, Kunitsyn and his partner will finally try to find the right victim for themselves.

There was a scandal in the office of old school businessman Boris Borisych Borisov, and Zhorik Vartanov was awarded an Oscar! The host of Sev-Kav TV impressed the American Film Academy so much that they sent a gorgeous girl with a golden statuette to the channel’s studio.

Watch the show “Galustyan +” today at 22:00 on TNT.

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