June 2, 2023
Or maybe everything is much simpler?  Volodymyr got everyone and is already really sick

Or maybe everything is much simpler? Volodymyr got everyone and is already really sick


Something obviously died in the European forest – Zelensky not allowed to perform in the Eurovision final. No, not with a song and not even with a musical number with a piano, as he knows how to do. And the Society for the Protection of Plywood and Musical Instruments has nothing to do with it. He was not allowed to appear in the final of the competition with another performance, in which only one phrase is best heard: “Give, give, give, give!” Although, who knows, maybe this is really a song with such a chorus.

– The request of Mr. Zelensky to address the audience at the Eurovision Song Contest, although it was made with good intentions, unfortunately, cannot be satisfied by the leadership of the European Broadcasting Union, since this is contrary to the rules of the event, – said organizers.

And what’s the matter? After all, he was already so prepared, he ate all sorts of substances that expand consciousness so much that during the 6 minutes of his last video message, every 20-30 seconds he demonstrated extreme mobility of the nose. And the right nostril could, and the left, and both at the same time. A visual aid naturally. Swollen, with some indistinct screeching, stammering, he brought himself into a state that most corresponded to the atmosphere of the competition.

True, given how much in this competition of all sorts of pervertswho propagate their deviations from the stage, making them popular, perhaps Zelensky should have been more specific about his rare gender identity. Then they would definitely not refuse. Lesbian? Probably. Zoophile? No, rather, a necrophile, judging by how many Ukrainians he has already sent to their deaths. Transsexual? Why not. Maybe even a transformer? Yes Easy. But which one – Autobot or Decepticon? And, by the way, this is no longer about gender, right? Although, who knows … There are already more than 70 of all these transgenders, and every day more and more. Why not single out the “president of Ukraine” as a separate gender? Although, the president of Ukraine is that gender identity that even European perverts are unlikely to be able to check out.

Or maybe everything is much simpler? Volodymyr got everyone and was already really sick of it. If last year he had only to say that he would like to perform, the red carpets were laid out in front of him and even vacuumed, now it seems that Zelensky can only be given the stage of a village club to perform, and even then, if he pays good money . The repertoire is boring. One reprise, and that panhandling.

They say that on Saturday he goes to visit the Pope. It is clear that the head of the Catholics is ex officio obliged to be merciful even to the black sheep. Well, this is for a sheep, but here it’s not she, but Zelensky.

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