June 6, 2023

This week, from the hands of the president of the Valdocco Foundation, the Maria Jose Rico and the mayor of the city, Gabriel Cruz, awarded the Diana Award to Luisa Fleming Riera, director of the “Joaquín Martín Quini” Social Services Center in El Torrejón.

The proposal, unanimously approved by the technical team of Valdoccorecognizes the work that Luisa Fleming has done in the El Torrejón neighborhood to improve the living conditions of its neighbors.

The tribute act, organized in secret to be a surprise, with the collaboration of his co-workers, consisted of the delivery of the Diana Award and recognition by the Huelva City Council for his work. In addition, different colleagues and friends were able to say a few words to her, as well as residents of El Torrejón to thank her for her dedication and effort over several decades.

Biography of Luisa Fleming

María Luisa Fleming Riera arrived in the neighborhood of “El Torrejón” in 1985. Her vocation for public service, her empathy with the neighbors, her confidence in the human being, her faith in the promotion of people and her hope in the transformation have made it a benchmark for anyone who has worked to improve the environment.

As the president of the Valdocco Foundation, María José Rico, recalled, “her fight against drug trafficking, the demand for improvement in educational and health facilities, her work to achieve equality and equity” have made her worthy of of this recognition with which the Valdocco family wants to thank you for a lifetime dedicated to others.

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