June 3, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

Soon, TNT will premiere a new dramedy produced by Good Story Media, Vika-Uragan, starring Aglaya Tarasova. A new project from the creators of “Olga”, “Correction and Punishment” and others will tell the story of a young woman with a complex character, but a big heart, who, having found herself in a very difficult life situation, desperately fights against the surrounding injustice and sometimes does it to her own detriment. Demolishing everything in its path like a hurricane, Vika helps those who find it even more difficult in this world.

The heightened sense of justice of the main character leads her to a women’s colony. Trying to teach the mind to a drunken bully, she accidentally leaves him without an eye, for which she receives an impressive term. Upon her release, Vika literally loses everything she had: there is now a sex shop in her apartment, her husband goes to a friend, and her little son was diagnosed with autism and now he lives in a specialized boarding school. Finding herself on the sidelines of life and facing all the difficulties of socialization, Vika does not give up and is desperately trying to cope with a hurricane of problems. To prove to everyone that the real hurricane that can make everything fly around is she herself.

The main roles in the series were played by Aglaya Tarasova, Irina Rozanova, Nikolai Fomenko, Ivan Dobronravov, Isa Novikov, Anton Filipenko, Nastasya Samburskaya, Yulia Topolnitskaya, Yana Sexte, Polina Shashuro, Tatyana Kravchenko, Evgenia Kalinets and others.

The general producer of the project is Artem Loginov. Scriptwriters, creative producers and directors – Oleg Goldfain and Ilya Petrukhin (screenwriters of the popular Good Story Media series – “Olga”, “Mounted Police”, etc.), cameraman – Janis Andreevs.

Ilya Petrukhin, scriptwriter, producer and director: “For a long time we wanted to make a project about “unnecessary” people, who, as a rule, are all poked around instead of helping. Our scenario contains very important topics for today – from the fate of women who ended up in places of deprivation of liberty, who find it extremely difficult after their release, to the attitude of society towards children with special needs. This is a series about lonely, abandoned people whom Vika gathers around her, whom she helps, while being the same person herself. And the whole company, thanks to her, eventually turns into a family.”

Oleg Goldfain, scriptwriter, producer and director: “In our difficult times, Vika is a ray of light and hope. Everyone can see themselves in it. After all, each of us was offended, each of us somewhere faced injustice, but we, maybe, somewhere faint-hearted and passed by. And Vika is the hero we wanted and could be. And if everything is so bad with her, but she does not despair, then maybe everything will be fine with us in the end?

Aglaya Tarasova, actress: “I immediately liked the script, it’s a dynamic, vibrant story. The character is close to me. Vika is a hero, she is strong, sometimes even stubborn. She is not broken by prison, her husband’s betrayal, problems in the family … She always remains true to her principles and conscience.

Comedy series “Vika-hurricane” – soon on TNT!

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