May 30, 2023

Photo: Southern Regional Search and Rescue Team of the EMERCOM of Russia

Over the course of a week in Sochi, on the basis of the Southern Regional Search and Rescue Team, 20 canine crews from the Krasnodar Territory, Volgograd and Astrakhan Regions, Stavropol Territory will hone their skills and share their experience in conducting search and rescue operations in the natural environment and man-made debris.

Today, the start of the training camp of canine crews of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was given by the Deputy Head of the Southern RPSO for search and rescue work, Yuri Fomin.

Cynological training includes both theoretical training and practical training. In conditions as close to reality as possible, dogs of the breeds Labrador, Malinois, East European Shepherd, Cane Corso, Spaniel will look for people who got lost in the mountainous forest area and suffered under the rubble.

The “Natural Environment” stage will take place on the territory of the Matsesta forest park, and the “Technogenic blockage” stage will take place on the basis of the abandoned Spartak sports complex. The task of the four-legged rescuers is to find the victims as soon as possible and indicate their location with a “voice”.

Similar cynological trainings are held annually in different subjects of the Russian Federation. Their goal is to improve the professional skills of canine crews in search and rescue operations, as well as to popularize service dog breeding in the system of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Cynological calculations spend a lot of time in training, because the success of solving the tasks and the speed of their implementation largely depend on the accuracy of mutual understanding between the dog and the cynologist. This is a single well-coordinated tandem in which the dog handler and the four-legged pet understand each other perfectly. The task of animals is to find people, the task of a cynologist is to adapt their pet to difficult and often extreme working conditions.

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