June 1, 2023
Roman Kostomarov.

Roman Kostomarov.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

The news that Roman Kostomarov was taken abroad for treatment made a lot of noise. The wife of the Olympic champion Oksana Domnina hastened to refute this rumor, saying that her husband was still in Kommunarka. According to the athlete, there is no talk of any trip abroad. The fact that Roman is still in the capital’s clinic was also confirmed by one of the employees of Kommunarka. The doctor told how Kostomarov’s rehabilitation is going.

“Roman Kostomarov has been in intensive care at Kommunarka for the sixth month. Every day he is taken to rehabilitation in a wheelchair, he is engaged in physiotherapy exercises. Moreover, to which specific rehabilitation center they take him, his relatives keep a secret, ”the doctor told the portal. Prozvezd.info.

According to a clinic employee, Roman used to be in an unstable psychological state and often lashed out at his wife. Moreover, the doctor hinted that the couple behaved arrogantly and clashed with the Kommunarka staff. Fortunately, things have now changed.

“The psychological state of Roman and his wife has improved significantly, they no longer conflict with the medical staff, they do not proceed from the position that everyone around them owes them, they treat the work of doctors with understanding,” a source at the clinic said.

Immediately after Kostomarov woke up from a medically induced coma, he was prescribed psychotherapy sessions. However, according to the doctor, Roman did not want to communicate with psychologists.

“Kostomarov does not work with a psychologist, to be honest, he immediately sent psychologists far and forever. Next to him is also his wife and brother all the time. Prostheses have not yet been installed, now they are considering options from several companies, but there is no specifics yet. They do not plan to discharge him, he and we are already doing well, ”said the Kommunarka employee.

A few days ago, Kostomarov first got in touch with fans. The athlete published a post in which he spoke about his condition and thanked his family and doctors.

“Many difficulties are still ahead, but I hope I will cope with everything thanks to my relatives, relatives and doctors who pulled me out of the other world and work with me to this day,” wrote Roman.

Recall that the Olympic champion in figure skating was in intensive care on January 10. During the New Year holidays, Roman performed in Ilya Averbukh’s show The Wizard of Oz. He was admitted to the hospital with severe pneumonia: lung damage was 75%. Doctors immediately connected Kostomarov to a ventilator, and then to an ECMO machine to actively saturate the blood with oxygen. The athlete’s condition was so serious that he developed sepsis – blood poisoning. The death of the limbs began. Doctors tried to the last to save his legs and fingers, but amputation was inevitable.

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