June 1, 2023
Angelica Varum

Angelica Varum

Photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

Angelica Varum has long disappeared from the field of view of fans. The singer does not give big concerts, performing at small venues. She quit social media. About what happens in the life of an artist, sometimes her husband tells Leonid Agutin. And the other day, frightening information appeared that big troubles had occurred in the Varum family.

Brother Angelica Varum got into trouble. Oleg Varum is the owner of vineyards in the Krasnodar Territory. Things haven’t been going well for him lately.

“My friend and brother Angelica Varum told me that they work to zero. Their task is simply to survive. He told me that barely makes ends meet just to pay salaries and produce wine“, – quotes “Paragraph” man’s friend Dmitry Kozachenko.

Note Leonid Agutin and Anzhelika Varum have been almost the most discussed couple in Russian show business for many years now. Spouses were bred so many times that the artists have already stopped responding to gossip.

The last year has been difficult for the family. Gossips actively spread not only rumors about their divorce, but also about Angelica’s departure to the United States, where her only one has been living for many years. daughter Lisa.

Leonid himself stated that he did not intend to leave anywhere and continued to work, as before. He did not hide the details of his personal life. “My wife and I are arguing … And then started sleeping in different bedrooms“, – the artist unexpectedly admitted.

Agutin believes that this brings zest to the relationship. “You can generally do anything. If there is such an opportunity. You go on dates to your wife, sleep. And no one infuriates anyone. Of course, some days you need to sleep together on purpose,” the performer shared.

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