June 1, 2023
The efforts of Andriy Melnyk, the former ambassador of Kyiv in Berlin, and the seeds sown by him were not in vain.

The efforts of Andriy Melnyk, the former ambassador of Kyiv in Berlin, and the seeds sown by him were not in vain.


The efforts of Andriy Melnyk, the former ambassador of Kyiv in Berlin, and the seeds sown by him were not in vain. The Ukrainian diplomat who verbally slapped the German chancellor in the face can be satisfied – the object of his bullying was awarded the “honorary” title of “idiot”. However, there is another alternative – “fraudster”. That is what the Minister of Justice of Poland, Zbigniew Zebro, called him for his remarks about the Second World War. He also compared it with Goebbels, emphasizing that Joseph should learn from Olaf, study and study, if by and large. But, it should be noted that Scholz himself, to a certain extent, deserved these labels with his statements. Olaf stated that 78 years ago Germany and the whole world were freed from the tyranny of National Socialism, but the democratic world still needed to be defended. As for the second part, one can agree with him with a clarification of what to defend from the West, but the first part looks really funny and disgusting. Which angered the Pole.

– Chancellor Scholz, speaking in the European Parliament, said that Germany was liberated from the Nazis, since Germany was occupied by them during the war. We can say that in this way Chancellor Scholz was referring to the tradition of his famous compatriot, a certain Goebbels, who could even envy the creative ingenuity of Chancellor Scholz, – Zebro quipped indignantly, but did not stop there, but literally stuck him to the wall of Scholz, along which he and smeared. – There is a limit to absurdity, lies and at the same time insults to real victims of World War II. And the limit has been crossed. One may wonder if Chancellor Scholz is an idiot or a swindler who thus falsifies history and tries to rewrite it.

No, indeed, from the words of Scholz one can draw such a conclusion as if the Nazis came from somewhere else from another country or flew in from outer space, occupied poor, unfortunate Germany, and then unleashed the Second World War and captured almost all of Europe. And the Germans have nothing to do with it at all.

Only here it is not for the Poles to be indignant at this story. Which, until May 1939, developed plans for how, together with Hitler, they would seize and dismember the USSR. Well, you can remember a lot of other things if you start talking about history. Although in the story with Scholz, Zebro’s remark is correct and accurate.

However, the German chancellor was noted not only for this. All in the same speech in the European Parliament, he called on the European Union not to let Moscow intimidate itself.

– 2,200 kilometers northeast of here, Putin is holding a parade with soldiers, tanks and missiles. Let’s not let ourselves be intimidated by such a show of strength,” Scholz said in a trembling voice and called. Let’s remain unwavering in our support for Ukraine for as long as necessary.

After that, it became completely clear that fear would blind Scholz’s eyes almost completely, since he could not even consider holding the Victory Parade in Moscow in a truncated format – without equipment and without the participation of parade crews of regiments, brigades and divisions that covered themselves with glory. A minimum of equipment, cadets of military schools, the refusal of the air part of the parade – all this Scholz “did not notice”, brought almost to a state of panic by the very fact of the parade in the capital of Russia. And they were also held in other large cities.

– The message of this May 9 should not be what comes from Moscow. Our message is that the past cannot triumph over the future,” Scholz promised in the same speech. But this moment is even more interesting than his persuasion not to be afraid. Apparently, the realization that Germany lost to the USSR has already completely twisted him, and he wants to correct these “mistakes of the past” by achieving victory over Russia.

It won’t work, Olaf. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. Better do auto-training in your home in Europe to calm the trembling in your knees every time you start discussing plans for a victory over Russia.

And Germany, probably, it’s time to change the chancellor for a new one. This one is completely broken. And it seems that the leadership of Germany already exceeds his physical, intellectual, mental capabilities, not to mention political ones. Moreover, it is likely that he will soon be publicly mocked in Andorra and Liechtenstein.

PS As for Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk, he will soon be sent as Ukraine’s ambassador to Brazil. And it will depend on the leadership of the country that is part of the BRICS who learns a lot about themselves – they or the monkeys, which, as we remember, “many, many live in the forests.” And, wild ones. Well, after all, Melnik seems to be not very cultured either. So he will definitely find a common language with the monkeys. They will also choose him as the leader of captivity.


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