June 1, 2023

This has been revealed by the candidate for mayor of the Andalusian party, jesus amadorwho has asserted that “a change of acronym is not worth it, nor is a Socialist Party that has wanted to resemble the right so much during this past legislature that the difference between Pilar Miranda, Gabriel Cruz and Perico Rodri is unrecognizable.”

From Adelante Andalucía they are committed to a candidacy “without professional politicians, made up of people who want to put our land in the place it deserves, in the face of the underdevelopment that some want us to continue maintaining. Here we do comply with the limitation of mandates and salary ”, they assert.

For this, explains Amador, “we have incorporated people with an added value of our city such as youth, activism, culture, etc.”. And it is that, he assures, Adelante Andalucía “is the best way for us to live in friendly cities, with decent public transport, with quality public services and that guarantee rights”.

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