May 30, 2023

The plumbing market in Russia is undergoing changes. Rising inflation, depreciating currencies and restrictive measures introduced by Western governments are leading to the fact that imports plumbing become less affordable, both in terms of price and availability. The cost of items such as siphons is also rising, as the global price of plastic products has also risen. On average, Western-made plumbing has increased in price by up to 50%.

Chinese sanitary products also rose in price, but to a lesser extent: from 10 to 20%. These price changes are explained by the shortage of materials, their rise in price, as well as changes in the cost of shipping. At the same time, manufacturers managed to avoid larger growth by replacing shipping with rail.

Domestic producers have a chance to be more represented on the Russian market, but they have their own problems. First of all, this is a limited range of products: in Russia, earthenware products are mainly produced – sinks and toilet bowls. Siphons and accessories are often purchased abroad. At the same time, there is a stable shortage of production materials – in particular, hardeners for faience and dyes.

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