June 1, 2023

The Popular Party candidate for Mayor of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, and the president of the electoral committee of the PP of Andalusia, Loles López, have held a meeting this Friday with women’s associations from the Huelva capital to explain the gender policies that are being carried out in Andalusia, as well as the proposals of the popular for the capital in this matter.

Thus, during the attention given to the media prior to the meeting, the popular candidate announced her intention to launch a Municipal Women’s Information Center in Huelva, «whatIt will have professionals such as lawyers, psychologists and social workers who will provide an advisory and support service to Huelva women, offering them information, care and advice, paying special attention to victims of gender violence.

A center for women in the old Doñana de La Orden school

In this sense, Miranda explained that this center, which will be a reality thanks to the collaboration between the Junta de Andalucía and will be located in the old Doñana de La Orden school, “to continue with our idea of ​​bringing the town hall closer to the neighborhoods” .

As the candidate explained, these centers will also carry out specific programs for personal, educational and health development, as well as professional and employment guidance, “because unfortunately female unemployment continues to be one of the biggest problems in our city, and that is why we are also going to influence in employment plans, as well as in job training courses for groups of women with difficulties in accessing the labor market”.

Finally, Pilar Miranda has assured that she will understand equality and women’s policies as a single policy that concerns all the councils, “and that is why we believe that it is essential to start by updating the Municipal Equality Plan, which has not been touched since 2018”. Regarding this issue, Miranda has conveyed that they are committed to developing a more ambitious plan, “which promote training in equal opportunities, to prevent and avoid situations of harassment and discrimination, and promote the inclusion of gender perspective aspects in occupational risk prevention training among all city council workers”.

For her part, the president of the Andalusian PP electoral committee and Andalusian parliamentarian, Loles Lopez, He has shown all his support for Pilar Miranda’s determination that Huelva have an information center for women and has argued that “it is about defending women and going together” towards real equality.

At this point, he specified that since 2018, with the arrival of Juanma Moreno to the Junta de Andalucía, funding for the Municipal Information Centers for Women has increased by 21 percent and currently 43 million euros are allocated .

Both have agreed on the importance of mainstreaming in equality policies and López has pointed out that there are many actions launched by the Andalusian Government in this regard in areas such as the economy, participation, social policies, housing or the female entrepreneurship, among others.
“Women are in all areas of life and this is about walking together: men and women and that is what Pilar Miranda wants for Huelva and we are doing in all corners of Andalusia”, López stressed, who praised all the values ​​embodied by the popular mayor.

Among other proposals, in addition to those previously announced, Pilar Miranda’s candidacy is committed to facilitating family reconciliation with the implementation of a Network of Breastfeeding Points in municipal or community buildings, the list of which will be included on the municipal website so that those women who want to make use of this service know where to go; and for the celebration of Women’s Week, an initiative that will have a program that will integrate cultural, labor, academic and social activities around women to promote the values ​​of equality, as well as the prevention of violence and discrimination.

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