May 30, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

The boxer finally revealed his cards and brought Maria Pogrebnyak to tears

The situation in the star camp of the project is tense to the limit, because one of the coalitions remained in a frightening minority. So, in contrast to Maria Pogrebnyak and her guys, there are only two participants: Natalia Medvedeva and Maria Kravchenko. Push two girlfriends head-on and together send them to the flight test – the main plan of most of the participants. Sasha ST and Maria Pogrebnyak are doing their best to make it work. However, not everyone Pogrebnyak considers “his own” can be trusted.

Boxer Denis Lebedev has been playing a double game from the very beginning of the project and is not going to finish it, despite the fact that it is becoming more and more difficult to play by his own rules. He skillfully leads both coalitions by the nose, and in the entire project he has never been on a flight test. But in this issue, he still has to show his cards and admit which side he is on.

From constant stress, the nerves of Maria Pogrebnyak passed. The girl in tears admitted to ST that she was tired of being strong, while she was determined and even lost her luxurious manicure for the sake of victory. Maria cut off her long nails so that they would not interfere with her passing tests, which, of course, is a last resort for every woman.

What caused such radical actions by Pogrebnyak, and who will leave the project, see the new episode of the show “New Stars in Africa” ​​on May 14 at 19.00 on TNT

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