June 1, 2023

The socialist leader, who is also running for re-election as mayor of her town, San Bartolomé de la Torre, has started the electoral campaign in her municipality, after previously attending the presentation of the socialist candidacy for mayor of Villanueva de los Castillejos, headed by Jairo Rodríguez, “who as of May 28 will be the new mayor of castillejos”.

María Eugenia Limón has said that “Jairo represents that example of a good person, young, hard-working, educated, open to dialogue and committed to his people. This is how all our candidates are, the best people with the best lists, people who live in their towns, who know their town, their needs, with progressive ideals and for the future, and who give their all in this task”.

“This is how we are and this is how we present ourselves, to give everything for our towns, so that the neighbors continue to see us, in the Socialist Party, as their reference.” María Eugenia Limón has indicated that “we seek to expand support for the Socialist Party in all the municipalities of the province, because in our program it is before and above all the people.

They have always been the center of our political action, and there is no doubt that they will continue to be so, attending to their demands and giving them answers; a job that we have been recognized and that has been reflected at the polls in our land with that majority trust that they have always given us in the province, because our vocation is public service”.

In this line, the general secretary of the PSOE of Huelva has had an impact on “the struggle of the socialist mayors for public services, which the PP in the Junta has gotten its hands on and is dismantling. And it has been the mayors who have risen up and rebelled against this injustice, against the closure of health centers and emergency points, and the decline in public services, education, transportation, dependency.

Limón convinced that the province is socialist

For this reason, María Eugenia Limón has shown herself “totally convinced that we will continue to be a socialist province with capital letters, not only keeping the mayoralties that we have but winning in more towns, because we are the closest party and the one that cares, day by day in improving the quality of life of our neighbors; and the development of our peoples in equality”.

“This is our endorsement,” he asserted, “if there is a party that believes in the public services provided by the city councils and that works to reinforce and strengthen them, that blindly and seamlessly believes in local autonomy, generating opportunities in our towns for fixing the population in the territory and so that no one has to leave if they don’t want to, is the Socialist Party”.

That is why “we ask for the vote, because we are a guarantee for the defense of public services and the advancement of our peoples in equality”, he concluded.

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