June 6, 2023

The general secretary of the PSOE of HuelvaMaría Eugenia Limón, who is also president of the Deputation and candidate to revalidate the mayoralty in his municipality, San Bartolomé de la Torre, and the mayor of Huelva and candidate for re-election to the mayoralty of the capital, Gabriel Cruz – who is also deputy general secretary of the PSOE in the province – have highlighted the “desire, illusion, enthusiasm and desire” with which they begin the campaign of the municipal elections -which start at midnight- to “continue building the province of Huelva”.

This was stated by Gabriel Cruz in an act prior to the start of the campaign in which he stressed that the PSOE “has a team, heart and commitment” in the candidacies of “each of the municipalities in the province”, since Limón has He highlighted that his training is going to carry out a “positive” campaign from “closeness, transparency, humility and looking our neighbors in the eye and giving them an answer at all times, as throughout these four years” in the municipalities in which he has governed.

María Eugenia Limón, who recalled that the PSOE is a party “with 144 years of history” and that “it is present in all the municipalities of Andalusia”, has been “convinced” that, from May 28 they are going to continue to be “present in all towns, as now”, since he has remarked that they have made the presentation this morning in the capital because we are doing tonight “all” will be in their towns with their families and supporters” to carry out the traditional poster hanging”, from 00:00, when the campaign officially begins.

«If I had to define the candidacies that represent the Socialist Party in the province of Huelva, I would define them with two values: the value of equality and the value of youth. Youth because all the candidates and people that make up the list have an average of 43 years of age and are people youths trained and prepared who come to give their all for our people and, above all, also, the value of equality. 41.9% are women and they top the lists, with which we have parity even at the top of the lists.

In this sense, Limón has stressed that this is something of which she feels “very proud” as general secretary, while stating that they will “continue working from that closeness, from that affection and from that commitment.”

In this regard, he pointed out that “the citizens of Huelva and the province know that there are two models of government”, because “there is the model of the government of the people, the government that is committed to raising pensions, the government that commitment to the rise in the Minimum Interprofessional Wage, the Minimum Vital Income and the misgovernment that the only thing it offers is chaos, that disastrous management in health, education, dependency and the disastrous housing policy that is not even being being carried out”, emphasized the socialist leader.

“With which, facing the next May 28, it is very important to convey that strength, that illusion, that desire and, above all, to convey that Huelva is going to shine with a red light and that it is going to be present throughout the province as we have done it throughout all these years. And what better than to do it surrounded by the men and women who represent the Socialist Party. The people of our towns know that they are the ones who are truly going to solve the problems of their needs and their demands”.

For this reason, the general secretary of the PSOE of Huelva has stressed that citizens “need mayors who represent that DNA of what our towns are, who represent what our people are” and, above all, she stressed, “we need the mayor who has this wonderful city. A committed mayor, a mayor who has transformed Huelva».

“A team of men and women trained and prepared and who are going to be at the foot of the canyon to continue giving this city that modern image, that transforming image and that image that we are transferring to all the cities of Spain”, he said before show that on May 28 Huelva “will continue to be dyed red”, for which reason he has called on the Socialists to “start this campaign with all their might and with all their hearts”.

For his part, Gabriel Cruz has highlighted the “devotion” and “heart” of the socialists, as well as their “management capacity”, since he has underlined the “love for their land” of each one of those who make up the different PSOE candidacies in Huelva province.

Likewise, he has asserted that “he does not have the slightest doubt” that, as of May 28″ the Socialists will “continue building a province and some towns and cities in solidarity with progress, happiness, development.”

«Because we are also going to do it together, as it must be done, because no one exclusively represents a land. We all represent the earth with our characteristics, with our identities, with the difference of opinions. There are people who can think differently and nothing happens, because we are plural and because we believe in and trust our people”, Cruz stated before pointing out that “the time has come for hope, effort and to fight as we have always done for our land. The prize is there, we have it in front of us, the well-being, progress and happiness of our people », he concluded.

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