May 30, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

On May 13 at 21:00 on TNT a new episode of the vocal-detective show “Musical Intuition” is released. The teams of the singer Maxim and Alexei Chumakov will confront each other. Choreographer Miguel and improviser Dmitry Pozov will play for the first. For the second – comedians Artyom Muratov and Guram Amaryan. The leader of the project is Azamat Musagaliev.

In the new episode of the show, both teams will surprise the audience, but in different ways. The team of the singer Maxim – the insight of Miguel, who turns out to be a mentalist, and the serious attitude of Dmitry Pozov, who will immediately declare his intentions.

Dmitry Pozov: I support Spartak, so I’m with Maksim today. This is not the first time I’ve been here, and all the time there were giggles and hahanki. But it’s actually a serious game. And today I came to play.

The team of Alexei Chumakov will even enter into a confrontation with Azamat Musagaliev. The singer and presenter will find out who is who. Chumakov will declare that Musagaliev is “not an artist, but a presenter”, after which he will run into an ultimatum from the most famous native of Kamyzyak.

Azamat Musagaliev: “You decide who I am: an artist, a cool presenter, or we are no longer friends.”

The composition of the participants will make the star teams puzzle over who is the real singer here and who is the skillful liar. Mime Maxim will attract attention with bright make-up, and Tatyana, vice-champion of Moscow in bikini fitness, with her lack of clothes and powerful figure. Football fan Artyom will even come to the program in Spartak merchandise to attract the attention of the singer Maksim, whose song “Do You Know” has long become the unofficial anthem of the red and white.

All-star teams will have four rounds to tell vocalists from fakers. Participants will be able to get acquainted with nine vocalists immediately, and the tenth, the joker, will remain a surprise until the very end, where Maksim will sing the song “Let go”, and Alexei Chumakov will sing “The sky is in your eyes”. The winnings of the winners will go to the charitable foundations “Sunny City” and “Vera”.

Will the final duets turn out to be “euphonious”, and which team will win in the end, you will find out in the new episode of the show “Musical Intuition” – May 13 at 21:00 on TNT.

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