June 6, 2023

He gets punched for refusing to give him an injection. The Huelva Primary Care Personnel Board has called a new concentration for next Monday at 11:30 a.m. at the Almonte health center in rejection of the attack suffered by a doctor at the center, which is the second attack that happens in the same in less than two weeks.

According to the head of the Health sector of CSIF Huelva, César Cercadillo, the attack occurred when a user went to the center to request an “injectable” drug from a doctor who was on duty, who “did not agree to his claims”, for which reason “he began to attack her, punching her” and “even going so far as to throw her to the ground.”

It is the second time in ten days that the Huelva Primary Care Personnel Board is concentrated in the health center of this town due to an attack on its personnel, since on May 3 they also concentrated after a worker suffered verbal and physical aggression.

During the concentration, the Independent Trade Union Confederation requested the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) “urgent” measures to “guarantee” the safety of health workers after this assault with a punch.

Other aggressions without reaching the punch

These incidents are added to the attack that occurred on January 2 against a nurse at the Moguer Health Center, and on Tuesday the 10th against a doctor at the Huelva Center. Also in January there was another attack directed at a social worker at the El Torrejón health center. Likewise, another professional from the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) suffered a “verbal and physical” attack last February at the Los Rosales Health Center in the Huelva capital.

Thus, he recalled that violence in the workplace is “unacceptable and cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.” “Workers have the right to carry out their work in a safe environment free of violence and aggression,” she stressed.

To do this, Csif insisted on “the need” for there to be a security guard in the centers, for which it requires the SAS “to take the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of workers in health centers.”

Cercadillo, has regretted the 1,494 attacks on SAS professionals registered in 2022 and has labeled this figure as “chilling”, while stating “that under no circumstances can this type of behavior that unfortunately suffers public health workers be normalized ».

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