June 1, 2023

The socialist candidate gabriel cross has given the go-ahead to the electoral campaign for the municipal elections to be held on May 28.

He has done it in Plaza Houston, an emblematic place in the neighborhood of girl island. The candidate for mayor and current mayor of the city, has stated that “we wanted to do it in the street and with the people and with the life of the city of Huelva, in a large Corner for coexistence that is an example of the Huelva we want build and what we are going to continue building”

Cruz has valued the team that accompanies him in his candidacy for mayor, stressing that he feels “happy and proud because there are those who will continue to govern the city, both those who are part of the candidacy and those who have been and are going to continue being and sharing that responsibility of government. I see smiling faces committed and eager. We are proud of the work that has been done and aware of the responsibility that we are going to assume in little more than a month”.

Gabriel Cruz: “This is for Huelva and its people”

The candidate has taken advantage of the occasion to ask all citizens to vote, alleging that “today we put up the posters emotionally. We never forget that all this is for Huelva and its people, because we are part of the city and we want to commit ourselves. We are facing a historic moment and team and capacity are needed, people who always take the reins with hope, enthusiasm and Huelva ahead. That is why the people of Huelva have to vote for us”.

Asked about the decision of the Electoral Board to archive the complaints filed against the municipal group, he pointed out that the Board “has endorsed a conduct that is deeply respectful of the law, but above all responsible because we are the government and we are governing the city and if anything It has been marking all these months is that, far from entering scenarios that have to do with the campaign, what we are managing our responsibility with determination and pride”.

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