June 2, 2023

The Socialist Party candidate for mayor of Huelva and current mayor of the city, gabriel cross, has presented today its “Plan for Huelva” for the next four years. A battery of more than 100 proposals that continue the city project started by the Socialists in 2015, when Cruz became mayor for the first time.

The candidate began by expressing his enthusiasm for running for mayor again, pointing out that “we return with renewed desire and enthusiasm and with an eye on being able to complete all the exciting and promising processes that are underway in Huelva at this time.” . We are at the gates of a true revolution as a city and we cannot stop now”.

During the event, he outlined a program that is based on three main pillars: economic development, urban transformation and city life.

Referring to the economic situation, Cruz highlighted the reduction in municipal debt by 103 million euros that his management has achieved in the last eight years, going from 255 million in 2015 to 152 million in 2022, all of this “without undermining the public services, investing in the city and without increasing the fiscal pressure”.

Asked what would be the roadmap for the Huelva economy over the next four years, he stated that “our objective is to continue to clean up public accounts and reduce municipal debt to improve the solvency of the City Council and its investment capacity and, at the same time, freeze taxes and municipal rates to continue reducing the fiscal pressure”.

Cruz puts the accent on green Hydrogen

It has also highlighted the importance of measures to build employment and support Huelva companies, and support for the industry and “the potential that pioneering energies that are protagonists of the energy transition such as the Green Hydrogen”, like other pillars of the economic development of Huelva in the near future.

Regarding the urban transformation of the capital, he has expressed his will to “continue working in a city that puts its citizens at the center to facilitate their coexistence, proximity and comfort, always with the axes that the ecological transition marks us as a leaf Route. It is vital that we continue working, for example, on this new, more sustainable, inclusive and safe mobility model, which reconciles economic growth, social cohesion and defense of the environment.

He has also made reference to the obligation to continue working on the physical transformation of the neighborhoods “adapting them to a more current urbanism, which responds to the prevailing needs for social coexistence and sustainable development.” In this sense, it has announced that it will continue with pedestrianization in spaces such as Calle Puebla de Guzman or Calle San José, different areas such as the García-Xarmiento passageway, Huerta Mena and the José Antonio neighborhood will be redeveloped, and new public spaces will be created such as the screened on Viaplana.

All of this “promoting public services to make them more efficient, and turning all these areas into much more accessible and enjoyable spaces for all citizens.

To conclude with the account of his city project, the candidate has spoken about the cultural, social, tourist, sports life, etc. Huelva. “It is what gives meaning to everything we are doing, have done and want to do, that we have a city that citizens can enjoy and, above all, live and that visitors can get to know and with which they can fall in love.

That is why our objective is to continue encouraging, supporting and enriching all that makes us who we are. Our way of expressing ourselves, of sharing, of getting excited, of competing, of feeling”. In this way he reiterated his commitment to continue supporting the cultural offer, the cultivation of traditions and the commitment to sports, gastronomy and heritage in Huelva.

Lastly, when asked about the team that will accompany him in his run for mayor, the candidate stated that “they are professionally trained people, with experience in management and decision-making, commitment to the city, affection for Huelva , and desire to commit.

People with whom any citizen can feel identified because of their presence in Huelva, because of their career. In short, a solvent, ambitious, excited team and not only suitable but also ideal to face everything that lies ahead”.

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