June 6, 2023

The Columbus House hosts next Wednesday, May 17, starting at 7:00 p.m., a day open to the general public to show flamenco fashion trends for the upcoming pilgrimages.

Under the title ‘Rocío siempre Rocío’ the Huelva City Hallonce again by the hand of Adomof (Association of Flamenco Fashion Craftsmen and Designers from Huelva) and the fashion and communication agency kilah, offers the opportunity to see first-hand everything that is in fashion this year in terms of flamenco designs , but also including trends related to makeup, hairdressing and accessories.

As the Councilor for Commerce and Markets of the Huelva City Council, Tania González, points out, “it is a series of practical talks and demonstrations given by the most cutting-edge designers and professionals in aesthetics and beauty when it comes to flamenco fashion. ”.

Open to the general public, “anyone interested not only in the designs, but also in the accessories, the shawls that are worn and how to put them on, or the way to put on the flower, the hairstyle and the trendy makeup for any pilgrimage”.

Rocio trends

In this way, it highlights Tanya Gonzalez“in addition to offering Huelva pilgrims and all those interested in flamenco fashion an opportunity to find out about trends, we continue to support a sector that has a lot to contribute to the Huelva economy and that is constantly growing”.

With the event ‘Rocío siempre Rocío’ – he said- “we are betting on entrepreneurship, on Huelva businessmen involved in one of the most exciting industries, because it is innovative by nature and requires creativity and talent to face constant renewal”.

In addition, the day will include a ‘fashion shooting’, by the hand of Alejandro Delgado, which involves a live photography and video session, with models and scenery to recreate an album that effectively and strikingly shows everything related to the flamenco fashion in Huelva.

Among the participating designers, El Ajolí, Revuelo, Mamé de la Vega, Paco Prieto, Amalia Salomón, Saray Atelier, Adelina Infante, Carmen Rodríguez, Serafín Lucas, Javier Mojarro, Manuel Martín Avilés and Cinta Coronel stand out. The accessories section will be in charge of Lamágora, with the reinforcement in terms of flowers from Flamenco Garnet, while the makeup will be signed by Teresa Carrasco and the hairdresser, Miguel Martín.

The invitations, totally free, are available at the Tourist Kiosk in Plaza de Las Monjas and can be picked up today, Friday, Monday and Tuesday, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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