June 2, 2023

Photo: pixabay.com

The research service of hh.ru, Russia’s largest online job search and recruitment platform, conducted a survey among employees and job seekers of the Rostov region and found out what they are not ready to spend their salary on, and what reasons, on the contrary, they consider worthy of even large expenses .

The most irrational waste of 79% of respondents in the region consider the purchase of branded items. It is curious that men and women were in solidarity on this issue. Among respondents over 55 years old, spending on branded items is considered unreasonable by 71% of respondents, but among 18-24-year-olds, this point of view is more often held — 78%.

In professional terms, most of those who are not ready to spend their salaries on brands turned out to be in the “Science, Education” area (83%), and least of all in the “Purchasing” area (70%).

In the second place among the most irrational expenses, according to Rostovites, were meals in cafes and restaurants (58%), followed by beauty and SPA services (50%). Also, the top 5 irrational spending included sessions with a psychologist (46%) and regular trips to the cinema and theater (40%). 36% of working residents of the region consider it irrational to spend money on a honeymoon trip, and 35% consider weekly shopping trips unnecessary. 21% do not understand why to spend money on regular trips around Russia and other countries, and 16% on buying a car.

The purchase of an apartment was called an irrational investment of funds by only 6% of respondents in the Rostov region.

In turn, 61% of the region’s residents named the financial airbag as priority areas for savings, 47% – the purchase of real estate (apartments, houses or cottages), 30% – spending on health. Also, 24% believe that it is justified to set aside funds for the education of children, 22% of respondents chose the option “on a vacation”, and 20% – “on a car”.

For 18% of respondents, moving to another city or country can become a worthy reason for savings, and for 12% of respondents, important events in life (for example, a wedding).

It should be noted that women are noticeably more likely than men to save money for holidays (31% versus 22%), as well as for health (30% versus 26%). Men, on the contrary, are more likely than women to save up for moving (21% versus 15%).

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