June 1, 2023

Rain of babies and money. Palos de la Frontera is a town with positive vegetative growth, that is, there are more births than deaths each year. Excellent news that indicates the growth and rejuvenation of the palerma populationsomething that “it is not so commonn these days at the national level »as indicated by the City Council.

Aware of the challenges and the importance of birth in the future, the Palos de la Frontera City Council has a municipal aid program for families so that the process of bringing a new life is easier. Some benefits that have been installed for years and of which all Palermo who have offspring can request them.

This Friday the last installment of “Baby Checks” took place. The Plenary Hall of the Town Hall of the town welcomed mothers, fathers and small palermos to collect this benefit that is part of the extensive municipal program of aid to families managed by the Department of Social Affairs of the town.

The mayor of Palos de la Frontera, Carmelo Romero, accompanied by the councilor, Gema Domínguez, has delivered a total of 22 baby checks, 4 of them to large families.

Baby checks of up to 1,500 euros

The aid program for families for births of the Palermo consistory seeks to facilitate those first expenses that the birth of a baby or its adoption entails. The amounts vary depending on the number of members of the family unit, being €1,200 in general and €1,500 if they are large families. It should be noted that these aids have grown over the years and with the approval of municipal budgets.

“We recently learned that the birth rate in Spain has reached worrying levels. We must promote it, make this process easier for families through social aid such as the baby check or “Palos se vaccina””, pointed out the mayor, Carmelo Romero.

The catalog of benefits is completed with the pósitos babies. An aid of up to 1,000 euros that has to be returned within a comfortable period of time. An extra for those families that decide to increase the number of members.

On the other hand, the Department of Environment has carried out a new installment of the program “A birth, a tree.” An original initiative that consists of the gift of a tree, in a pot, to each child born in the town as a symbol of a new life, development and future for our city. A symbol to improve our ecological footprint in our passage through the planet

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