June 6, 2023
Gavrish fully admitted his guilt and repented of his deed

Gavrish fully admitted his guilt and repented of his deed

The Supreme Court of the Lugansk People’s Republic, after reviewing the materials of the Russian Investigative Committee, sentenced Serhiy Gavrish, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), to 18 years in a strict regime colony for a “stretch mine” in the entrance of a residential building.

“From June 14 to June 18, 2022, the reconnaissance sapper Gavrish as part of the military unit A2076 (54th separate reconnaissance battalion) was in the city of Lisichansk of the LPR. On June 17, he received an order from the company commander to advance with a group of reconnaissance sappers to the city of Severodonetsk to mine civilian infrastructure in order to kill civilians, ”the Russian Investigative Committee reports.

On June 18, Gavrish, following the order of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, placed an RGD-5 grenade in the entrance of a residential building along Molodezhnaya Street in Severodonetsk. A resident of the house on the same day touched her and received mine-explosive injuries. She received medical attention.

Ukrainian reconnaissance sapper left

Ukrainian reconnaissance sapper left “stretch mines” in the residential entrances of Severodonetsk

Photo: video screenshot

“Gavrish fully admitted his guilt and repented of his deed. The criminal case against the commander who gave Gavrish an illegal order to mine a civilian facility has been separated into a separate proceeding,” the Russian Investigative Committee noted.

Earlier, the Russian Investigative Committee reported on the verdicts against members of the Ukrainian nationalist battalions, which staged real terror in Mariupol and its environs last summer. From pistols, machine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, they shot women, cyclists and pensioners. Any local resident, as soon as he left the entrance or gate of the house, found himself under fire from snipers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

They even dealt with the woman who dared to bring pies to them in the position. Her well-fed and drunk Ukrainian nationalists mistook her for an enemy spotter.

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