June 6, 2023
Either the Pentagon asked, or they themselves urgently needed any fakes to overcome

Either the Pentagon asked, or they themselves urgently needed any fakes to overcome


Do you know that the Kyiv head Vitaly “chrysostom” Klitschko increased. No, of course, he was tall and big before that, even when he was a boxer, but since then he has gained at least 3.5 – 4 meters in height. This is precisely the conclusion that can be drawn from his posing for a photo from the Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile allegedly shot down in Kyiv. Because the head part of the “Dagger”, which is about 40% of its length, Klitschko, at most, is chest-deep, and the real length of the real “Dagger” is almost 8 meters without a few centimeters. How Vitalik has grown! Probably good food.

The main “win” of the month that American air defense system “Patriot” shot down a Russian superweapon announced in Kyiv with some delay. At first they even denied it, but then they nevertheless announced it. Either the Pentagon asked, or they themselves urgently needed any fakes to win. A few days later, the US Department of Defense, through the mouth of its representative, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, officially confirmed the unprecedented success of the Ukrainian-American air defense. Notable dialogue during this briefing:

The reporter: “The Ukrainians said they shot down a supersonic Russian Kinzhal missile using the Patriot system. Can you confirm this? And what was new about the interception of a missile that Putin claimed could not be shot down? How are things going with the supply of Ukrainian air defense?”

Patrick Ryder (PR): “Yes, I confirm the interception of the Dagger with Patriot.”

The reporter: “That is, it was the Patriot that shot down the Dagger?”

ETC: “Yes”

The reporter: “Was it a Patriot supplied by the US, Denmark or Germany?”

ETC: “For details, contact the Ukrainians.”

In the last answer, one can feel the plea of ​​the American general: “What are you doing, you bastard? You’re cutting me without a knife! Shut up!”

The general cannot fail to see that the real “Dagger” is very different from the stub demonstrated in Kyiv, but he is ordered to say what he announces. The “Dagger” has a cone-shaped warhead, but here it is an even cylinder. Which, moreover, judging by the broken front part, has a wall thickness of at least 8 centimeters of steel. That is, it turns out that the Kinzhal, according to Kyiv, does not have a guidance head with a locator, because no radar will simply penetrate through such a steel wall. The diameter of the “Dagger” is almost a meter, and the object, next to which Klitschko is posing, is at most half that. And where can you stuff 500 kg into these wreckage. explosives? No, if strong, like the same Vitaly, then you can try to drive. As in a joke about entrance tests to counterintelligence, where the subjects were asked to put cubes, balls and pyramids into their respective niches, and all applicants were divided into two parts: smart and very strong.

And this, not to mention the fact that the Patriot air defense system is simply not capable of intercepting such a high-speed target due to its technical characteristics. Moreover, just before arrival, when the rocket accelerates to its maximum speed, providing itself with the greatest penetration due to kinetic energy. Suffice it to recall that during the liquidation of the buried command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the “Dagger” pierced more than 50 meters from the surface of the earth, including fortifications.

Thanks to Vitali Klitschko, who convincingly proved that the object shown in Kyiv has nothing to do with the “Dagger”. There are many opinions and disputes about what it is, a concrete-piercing aerial bomb or something else, but it is absolutely certain that it is not a Russian hypersonic missile.

Then why did Washington fit into this story with dill production? And now he is very uncomfortable in front of the allies because the vaunted American weapons turned out to be not magical at all. This is necessary, the Russians have picked up the “keys” to the American “Haymars” and now they are flying past the targets. And advanced air defense systems are powerless in the face of new Russian weapons. So after all, you can lose all the customers of the American military-industrial complex! urgently required something encouraging! But it will no longer be possible to shoot down “Daggers” with jars of pickles, especially since encouraging is required precisely in relation to American weapons.

Encouraging and inspiring is also required for Ukrainians. It is necessary to show that everything goes not in the ass, but according to plan. And therefore, not only Bankova’s full-time propagandists, but even very smart experts agree with those whom they did not even think of a penny yesterday, and whose stupidity they scoffed at. Here, for example, is a Ukrainian political scientist Mikhail Chaplyga, located outside of Ukraine, in his faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he reached the point that he began to support the ex-veterinarian of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilova.

– Now the situation is being escalated in order to put us behind bars. negotiation table on the terms of Russia, a very large campaign has been launched on this occasion. There are many proposals from different countries, but keep in mind that if we talk about something, it will be only on our terms, – Danilov said, and Chaplyga hurries to agree with him. – Danilov’s position is correct.

So, after all, they will begin to agree with the fact that not only the “dagger” was shot down, but also the towers of the “cardboard armats” were torn off with their bare hands, and there have already been fakes about this! So much so that the Germans with the Poles in a stunned ask each other: “What, could it be so?”

But is there really a limit to the possibilities of right dill patriots? No brains, no limits. For the most part, lies.

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