June 6, 2023

Residents of Kuban told what types of companies they consider the most attractive for employment. The majority would prefer to work for a large private Russian company, experts from Yakov & Partners and the largest Russian online recruiting platform hh.ru obtained this data as part of the joint study Labor Market Trends 2023.

Residents of the Krasnodar Territory consider large private Russian companies to be the most attractive employers – 79%. In terms of professional affiliation, this option is most of all interested in lawyers – 80%, representatives of the construction and real estate sector – 78%, and consulting and investment specialists – 75%.

“Most applicants a priori trust large private companies – they are associated with reliability, stability and a highly developed corporate culture. Employers in big business often have an attractive social package with VHI, transportation costs, food compensation, and also have extensive opportunities for internal and external training from the company, ”comments Ekaterina Nikiforova, head of the hh.ru Yug press service.

In second place were international companies, 55% of Kuban respondents are interested in working in them. As a rule, these are consulting and investment specialists – 72, IT specialists – 65% and representatives of the construction and real estate sector – 60%.

On the third place – small or medium-sized businesses – 52% of the surveyed residents of the region would like to work here. First of all, these are representatives of the areas “Tourism, hotels, restaurants” – 65%, “Transport, logistics, transportation” and “Retail” – 57% each.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are very interesting for applicants today, such companies are actively developing and have high potential. Study Russian business health index[1] showed positive growth dynamics of key business indicators in most industries in the first quarter of 2023. Micro and small businesses show the highest recruitment rates — the average monthly number of vacancies in Q1 increased by 21% and 26% yoy, respectively. Medium business is slightly behind in terms of dynamics, but it also shows a noticeable growth (by 15%),” notes Ekaterina Nikiforova.

Slightly less popular among applicants in the region are Russian companies with state participation – 51%, 48% of the surveyed residents of the Krasnodar Territory are interested in domestic companies with foreign participation.

The Kuban respondents are least interested in working in government bodies – 38%, in a startup – 35%, freelance cooperation – 34%, employment in non-profit organizations – 33%, 31% voted for individual entrepreneurship.

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