June 1, 2023
Donald Trump gave an interview to CNN

Donald Trump gave an interview to CNN

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Donald Trump gave the TV channel CNN interview, in which he once again showed that he was ready to continue to smash his opponents with his inherent charisma and ruthlessness. “KP” publishes the sharpest statements of the former (and, possibly, future) owner of the White House.


Trump declined to say whether he wants Ukraine to defeat Russia.

“I don’t think about winning or losing,” he said. “I think about how to sort things out.”

When the ex-president was asked to choose which side he would prefer to win, he again refused. “I want everyone to stop dying,” the politician said, and then promised to “end the war in 24 hours.”


“I don’t know this woman. I never met her. I have no idea who she is,” Trump said of the writer and journalist Jean Carroll, whom Trump was found guilty of attempted rape. After that, he launched into lengthy discussions about her ex-husband and pet, casually calling his victim “crazy.”

Asked if the verdict would damage his reputation among female voters, Trump said he doubted it.


“If the authorities do not start large-scale cuts, then they will have to declare a default,” Trump said.

He predicted that the Democrats would “make concessions” in the current debt negotiations, but insisted that a default would be preferable to the continuation of the Joe Biden government’s insane spending. “They spend money like drunken sailors,” Donald Trump vividly described the situation.


During the speech, Trump continued his long-standing habit of “name calling” and gave scathing references to his political opponents. Former Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has been described by Trump as a “crazy woman,” and he has nicknamed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (a potential rival in the 2024 Republican presidential election) “DeSantimonius.”


Joe Biden: We’ll make trouble for the whole world

The current president of the United States also spoke about the default threatening the country, though in a very strange way, promising problems to the whole world.

“If we default on our debt, the whole world will be in trouble. This is an artificial crisis. There is no doubt about America’s ability to pay its bills. America is the world’s strongest economy and we must cut spending responsibly and reduce deficits without an unnecessary crisis.” intimidated Biden.


Harassed, but did not rape: the Court found Trump guilty in the case of Jean Carroll

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