June 3, 2023
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who, from the standpoint of current morals in the United States, has only two virtues – a black woman and an open lesbian – recently stated at a briefing that USA ended World War II “victory over fascism” in Europe. The statement is not new, but for some reason it was she who caused many, including me, just a surge of hatred. It would be nice, it was announced by some seasoned and smart enemy, from whom it is almost impossible to hear anything else. But this stupidity and an open fool, for whom the multiplication table is an uncontrollable peak for her intellect – where do you climb with your impenetrable aplomb, corresponding to the level of stupidity and self-confidence of a parrot, telling others what has been learned by heart that Ass is not the smartest and just a very stupid creature on planet?

Would anyone explain to her that World War II ended in September 1945 or what? And what about the defeat of German fascism (enough verbiage too, that fascism was in Italy, and in Germany – just Nazism, because the Germans surpassed the teachers and brought Italian fascism in their country to its maximum logical conclusion, surpassing the “teachers”) their American number is sixteen. But this is unlikely.

Victory theft process over the Nazis in the USA and Western countries has been going on for a long time and brought to the still known intermediate result. And only now it becomes clear how right Comrade Stalin was when he went to storm Berlin. But in the late 80s and 90s, one of the narratives of liberal Russian democracy was precisely that Stalin could have waited for the allies to take Berlin together with them and with fewer victims, which, they say, deliberately made unnecessary sacrifices . And all this, of course, was flavored with “democratic values”, “tears of a child” and “cries of Yaroslavna”, who eat on Western grants. Oh, and then many “bought” these “poisoned apples.” I confess, at one time I myself thought so, until I learned to “apply” one to the other.

And here Joseph Vissarionovich, it seems that he foresaw all this, because he knew perfectly well what foxes and other predators he was dealing with. And for him, the appearance of such stupid and stubborn “lights of democracy” stealing Memory was not at all a mystery behind seven seals. However, what if there was still a war going on, the Americans were conducting separate negotiations with fascist emissaries in Switzerland (“Seventeen Moments of Spring” – the plot is not at all fiction), and on May 7, hundreds of kilometers from Berlin, howling from that that they cannot reach Berlin, at the headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the Anglo-American troops, General Eisenhower in Reims, they signed a certain “preliminary protocol” on the surrender of the German armed forces to the Allies. True, it looked so clearly against the USSR that the Americans had to withdraw it and sign a real unconditional surrender, which Moscow insisted on, at the Soviet headquarters.

One can only imagine how they would now be filled with nightingales if Stalin had followed their lead and began to wait for the allies in order to take Berlin together. By the way, it is not a fact that the losses of our troops would have been much less, since the Nazis surrendered to our then Western allies practically without a fight, and fought the Red Army to the last.

But if Washington and London had the capture of Berlin behind their backs, one can only imagine what an orgy they unleashed about who defeated the Germans. Now they have working tools for anti-Soviet campaign against the USSR during the Second World War, only propaganda and suppression of facts, and then there would be a factual basis. Like, who took Berlin, that and slippers. Now we would have been finally moved away from the podium of the victors, spitting on sacrifices and deeds, on battles the likes of which the world has not seen, that English and American soldiers could not dream of even in their worst nightmares. And after all, many even in our country would agree with this, because facts are a stubborn thing. But the facts are good because they do not exist in the subjunctive mood. And they are for us.

So it wasn’t all in vain. And exactly as it should have been. And no one will be able to steal our Victory.

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