June 6, 2023

He People’s Party (PP) has opened in Huelva the electoral campaign for the next municipal elections of 28M in which the challenge of win in the province and in the capital so that the people of Huelva have “more public services, more comfortable municipalities, more employment, and more opportunities for all.”

The president of the PP of Huelva, Manuel Andrés González has been accompanied by the candidate for Mayor of Huelva, Pilar Mirandaand dozens of affiliates at the beginning of the campaign that “will put an end to the political cycle of the PSOE in the capital and in the Provincial Council.”

“We face this campaign with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and nails on winning lists throughout the province, because we have the best candidateseitheryes that They are going to make possible that change that the province needs, and the best proposals for them to move forward all our municipalities«.

The popular has insisted that We cannot continue to see an “abandoned” Huelva and a municipal government “incapable of addressing the problems of the citizens.” Huelva has to «progress» and it will do so from May 28 at the hands of Pilar Miranda a future of “prosperity and opportunities for the people of Huelva”.

In this line, González has highlighted that “the candidates of the PP They are the ones who best defend the interests of the entire province and of the citizens, because at the center of the policies of the Popular Party are the people who have suffered for years from the disinterest of the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez with this province.

“There are only two options for the next 28M in Huelva: Either bet on the PSOE governments exhausted and without projects, or do it for the PP candidates who are the only ones who can guarantee a future of prosperity for the people of Huelva,” he concluded.

“Huelva is now”

For her part, Pilar Miranda has announced her intention to continue in the city the urban, economic and social transformation that began in the Port, “because the time for Huelva is now and we cannot continue losing more opportunities.” For Miranda, Huelva needs the change initiated by Juanma Moreno in Andalusia to reach the city, “because, like Andalusia, Huelva has to advance and grow to be able to compete with the rest of the Andalusian capitals, Huelva has to be the first of the row”.

In this sense, the candidate has stated that she has all the enthusiasm to make the change a reality in Huelva, “because the project we have for our city looks to the future and wants to create employment, growth and development opportunities for Huelva, because above all Huelva has incredible potential and we do believe in its possibilities.”

Miranda also wanted to value the team that accompanies her, “we are the team of solvency, leadership, management capacity and the enthusiasm to do things with criteria, with planning, taking into account the neighbors with with an eye on the challenges of the present and the future, betting on the necessary impulse that will make Huelva move forward”, he concluded.

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