June 2, 2023

Photo: pixabay.com

In this way, science is trying to eliminate the risks of a child developing serious genetic diseases in the future.

The first children from three parents were born in Britain, writes the Guardian.

In 2015, the British Parliament allowed artificial insemination using DNA samples from three people. Eight years have passed, and what previously seemed like a fantasy has now become a reality. Modern medicine did not go to such experiments for the sake of curiosity: this is a harsh life and a necessity due to the existence of a number of serious genetic diseases.

“The first British baby with DNA from three people was born after doctors conducted a revolutionary IVF procedure that aims to prevent children from inheriting incurable diseases,” the newspaper writes in particular. The Guardian.

The British Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) does not name the exact number of children born using the new IVF technique. The HFEA only said that there were “less than five.”

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