June 1, 2023
Julia Vysotskaya has been cooking for 20 years in the TV project “We eat at home”.

Julia Vysotskaya has been cooking for 20 years in the TV project “We eat at home”.

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Actress Yulia Vysotskaya this spring became the most discussed star in social networks. In April, she was the object of ridicule, and already in May, Vysotskaya began to be harassed on social networks. They laugh at her video recipes, recorded almost 15 years ago. Then these recipes seemed quite tolerable to us, but now they cause a smile in many. Over the 20 years of the existence of the author’s culinary project “We Eat at Home”, Vysotskaya has honed her skills – and now her programs look solid. But everyone is discussing funny recipes from the beginning of the 2000s.

Chronology of the scandal

A month ago, stories from the “Eat at Home” program from the beginning of the 2000s began to be distributed on the network. We have collected a selection of the most unfortunate videos with Yulia Vysotskaya’s recipes – the dishes look strange, sometimes unappetizing, often they just didn’t work out. The matter, of course, is everyday – but it is surprising that we were taught to cook according to such recipes. In addition, Julia herself accompanies the cooking with praises addressed to her: “brilliant”, “what a beauty”, “the blacker the better” (this is about burnt tomatoes).

Previously, no one was indignant – at the beginning of the “zero” there was no such competition in this area, and food bloggers did not even exist.

Now, a selection of videos of burnt vegetables and barbecue, a collapsed roll, burnt on top and raw cheesecakes inside, pasta with vodka and crayfish soup, has become viral on the net. Popular bloggers record parodies of Vysotskaya’s recipes in telegram channels under publications with videos of Yulia’s recipes, hundreds of comments, many began to write on the social networks of the culinary artist herself. Someone laughed kindly, like the singer Olga Seryabkina – she published a photo of her burnt pastries with the caption “I continue to master haute cuisine from Yulia Vysotskaya. Today is dessert. There was a lot of humor: here are a few examples. “I started cooking according to your recipes – I finally got rid of my annoying husband, I ran away.” “I remember as a child I looked at her with my mouth open, now I’m just laughing.” “My husband cooked this crayfish soup of hers – it’s called a bisque, the stench was terrible, everything in the apartment stank, it’s impossible to wear a fur coat for a year.” “Now it’s funny, but then who just didn’t disgrace himself on TV, and Yulia was the first with recipes and it was a breakthrough.” “My grandmother watches European cooking programs on kitchen TV. There is a similar style of cooking. They throw everything in: onions with peel, lumps from carrots – here’s your soup. It seems to me that Julia has the same principle of cooking.

Subscribers of the culinary actress make fun of Julia's recipes.

Subscribers of the culinary actress make fun of Julia’s recipes.

Many began to joke ugly: “my sister cooked according to her recipes, but I was perplexed – it seemed like from normal products, but this … it turned out”, “when I had such a result, I usually threw it away …” and many more serious insults.

The team of Yulia Vysotskaya and she herself decided not to comment on the sudden interest in recipes from the “zero” yet.

The joke is out of control

Many stars did not become silent. At first they also joked, but now they think that the persecution began and they decided to stand up for Vysotskaya.

Ksenia Sobchak: “The joke is out of control and is blazing like a poor barbecue in the background in one of the videos. Predictably hell in the comments, in the telegram, too, only the lazy did not ironize on this topic. Any situation must be taken into circulation, to catch this very hype, if you like. Vysotskaya and her team do not work out this case, but oh well, it means they are more comfortable. Personally, in such a situation, I would open a restaurant exclusively with these recipes and serving. Very amusing moment taken out of context. For example, with bisque soup, which is cooked with shells. Comments like “grinding shells in a blender, is she out of her mind?” In his. This soup, which has become a great meme, is prepared like this: the total mass is then filtered, but this is not in the video. Here is the context for you. Pasta with vodka is also not new, but why read the recipe if you can neigh. There are, of course, fails, but who hasn’t? Did the roll fall apart? Didn’t it fall apart for you? She says that in this case we fix it cosmetically by any available means. Here’s a life situation on TV. I think that bullying in this case is ugly.”

Ksenia Borodina: “Don’t you get the impression that the banter over Yulia Vysotskaya turned into bullying? Well, the first three or four videos laughed, I personally also took part in this, but maybe it’s time to stop? It’s just that you have to manage to go to a person’s page and pour out negative things about recipes there! Did you find a scapegoat? A person has not the easiest fate. I think we need to stop this bullying.”

Victoria Bonya: “I don’t know about cooking, but due to Yulia’s equanimity and self-confidence, you can definitely give master classes. Burnt cheesecakes? With a smile: “I have never eaten such tender cheesecakes!”, Most importantly, cover them well with powdered sugar … And it works! Who watched the program in the “zero” and considered the Vysotsky culinary guru? In reality, it seemed that everything was as it should be.”

As for those very recipes from the network, it’s better not to try to cook anything for them, as these are short cuts from recipes. Look for the full version.

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