June 4, 2023

The Brotherhood of the Nazarene of Huelva It has just been presented and offered to the Holy Virgin of Bitterness a new saya on the occasion of its early canonical coronationwhich will take place on June 17.

Designed by Jesús Rosado Borja and embroidered in his workshop, this lavish piece has been the gift of a large group of brothers and devotees of the Virgin, who with their efforts have offered this rich skirt to the Blessed Virgin.

The piece follows the traces of the empire style, combining all the enhancement embroidery techniques, as well as silks, 19th century glasses, mingos, and various metallic decorations that give the piece a special shine.

This profusely embroidered skirt is structured around a funerary urn from which a bouquet of flowers emerges, as if it were an orchard. some roles of flowers coiled and fallen leaves are distributed on the lateral parts of the saya, giving great movement to the piece.

“An offering worthy of the anniversary that will take place in the next month, to the height and dignity of the Mother of the Lord”, as they emphasize from the brotherhood.

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