June 4, 2023

The Town Hall of Punta Umbria Today it has shown its unconditional support and backing for the trawling fishing sector “in the face of the attack by the European Union and the Fisheries Commissioner, which may mean the disappearance of this modality”, has indicated the mayor of Punta Umbria, Aurora Águedo.

The Consistory joins the fishing sector calling for the resignation of the European Commissioner for Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkeviciusand shows its position contrary to the Plan of Action and Resistance asking for the withdrawal of this document “because of the dramatic consequences it can have for the fishing port of Punta Umbría and for the Gulf of Cádiz”, Aurora Águedo has insisted.

According to the mayoress, “trawling on our coast is made up of practically artisanal vessels, far from large trawlers, and they cannot treat everyone equally.”

The criticism of the councilor for fisheries

For her part, the Councilor for Fisheries, Maria Sacramento, has pointed out that “the Plan that the commissioner wants to carry out goes against the principles of the Common Fisheries Policy, which is to seek social, environmental and economic balance.” According to Sacramento, “this document will mean the disappearance of trawling in 2030.”

In fact, the mayor responsible for fisheries has highlighted that “between the implementation of wind farms, the expansion of protected areas from 12% to 30%, protection areas for merchant navigation and anchoring, the prohibition in national defense zones, the prohibition of fishing between 400 and 800 meters… they are throwing the fishermen out of the sea”.

The mayoress added that “we are not going to allow the fishing sector to be lost, and not only because it is necessary for our people, but because it is necessary for the life and food of our community and the country, which also makes us self-sufficient”.

Aurora Águedo has encouraged the Central Government and the Junta de Andalucía to request the dismissal of the commissioner and support “the appointment of a manager who takes into account and defends fishing.” Finally, the mayoress has indicated that “the City Council will always be defending the traditional and cultural value of the fishing sector.”

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