June 6, 2023
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov


Kremlin official Dmitry Peskov gave an interview to the ATV channel from the Republic of Serbian Bosnia and Herzegovina. He spoke about NATO’s participation in the special operation, about why we are “not fighting” and what goals we managed to achieve in a year. Here are the main statements of the presidential press secretary:


– The President of Russia said that first of all it is necessary to ensure the safety of people living in Donbass. We have partially succeeded in solving this problem, and in part we are still far from its complete fulfillment. We have to push the opponent a sufficient distance. Therefore, the operation will continue.

– The demilitarization of Ukraine is another important goal of the NWO. With the help of high-precision Russian missiles, it was possible to destroy many weapons factories, destroy reserve weapons, and so on. This work will continue. Why has a year gone by and still so much to do? The special operation began as a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But at that moment it was hard to imagine that NATO members, the United States, European countries would directly interfere in this conflict. Now NATO is a de facto participant in the conflict on the side of Ukraine. You yourself know about the large stocks of weapons, ammunition, combat materials, financial resources, and so on.

– Those who are in the West have good weapons. They also have bad weapons, they have weapons that do not meet those conditions, there are very terrible weapons, there are high-tech weapons. Therefore, we study all this in the course of the SVO.


– Russians don’t fight, we don’t fight. It is quite another thing to wage war, this is the total destruction of infrastructure, the total destruction of cities, and so on. We don’t. We are trying to save the infrastructure, we have been trying to save human lives for two years.


– Very heavy offensive operations are going on there, and this is a very, very powerful fortified area. A very powerful fortified area and a large group of Ukrainian armed forces are concentrated there, which is constantly trying to break through. There are also foreign weapons, foreign reserve weapons, and so on. I will not name anyone, but I will say that no matter what they say and what statements they make, we are talking about the armed forces of the Russian Federation. These are all Russian forces. We have no doubt that Artemovsk will be taken under control.


– Was attempt to attack the Moscow Kremlin two drones. The residence of the president is located there, and we can actually interpret this attack as an attempted terrorist attack on the head of the Russian state. This is very disturbing and unacceptable. We believe that in this way Ukraine has actually classified itself as a state sponsor of terrorism, not even legally, but “de facto”, in fact.


– We are talking about one of the largest countries in the world, one of the largest nuclear states in the world, and it is difficult for me to imagine that anyone, if at all, would fulfill such an order in the case of the President of Russia. It’s even hard to imagine. Russia is not a signatory to the Treaty of Rome, and we don’t recognize itlike many other states. In this situation, we believe that this international body is actually a puppet in the hands of the so-called “collective West”.


– Western countries have done a lot of bad things and many mistakes, and thus forced Russia to launch a special military operation. Because Western countries deceived us after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The same Western countries organized as many as six waves of NATO expansion. This is not only the expansion of NATO, it is the expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure to the borders of Russia. They are only interested in cooperation where they are at the top and we are at the bottom.

Russia is too big a country to be treated like that, and Russia is too strong a country to give up.

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