May 30, 2023
Oksana Domnina denied the secret departure of Roman Kostomarov from Russia

Oksana Domnina denied the secret departure of Roman Kostomarov from Russia


The announcement that Roman Kostomarov could secretly leave Russia and go abroad made a lot of noise. Fans attacked the skater’s social networks, and secular chroniclers tried to find out the details of the sensational news. However, in reality, everything turned out to be not as the gossips claimed.

Oksana Domnina denied secret departure Roman Kostomarova From Russia. The skater’s wife said that the athlete continues treatment in Kommunarka, and there are no plans to send him abroad. “Roman continues treatment in Kommunarka and travel abroad is not discussed or planned,” Domnina is quoted as saying. “RBC Sport”.

Note that previously there was information that Kostomarov smuggled abroad. Like, the skater quietly and without much fanfare left Russia. Informed sources believed that Roman was taken either to Israel or to Germany.

Some media sources assured that he would be given prosthetics there. It was reported that Kostomarov was discharged at the end of April. And he was taken to the airport in a special vehicle.

Note that earlier the skater personally got in touch. He showed himself for the first time since his hospitalization and thanked everyone for their prayers. “Many difficulties there is more to come, but I hope I will cope with everything thanks to my relatives, relatives and doctors who pulled me from the other world. There is a lot of hard work ahead,” the athlete wrote.

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