May 30, 2023
There has been no news from seriously ill Alisa Kazmina since 2022

There has been no news from seriously ill Alisa Kazmina since 2022


Ex-wife Andrey Arshavin last seen in public in 2022. After that, from a seriously ill Alisa Kazmina there was no news. It is only known that the mother of many children gave the children to her grandmother Natalya Sarycheva and disappeared. Where the woman is now, no one knows. But the other day, the woman’s mother got in touch and spoke about Alice’s condition.

Ex-wife of a football player Andrey Arshavin hidden from prying eyes. She has not appeared in public and has stopped contacting social media since May 2022. There were rumors that the missing Alisa Kazmina tried to restore a failed nose with the help of plastic surgery.

The other day, the mother of a woman, Natalya Sarycheva, said that everything was fine with her daughter. She promised that soon Kazmina herself would tell everything. “Everything is fine with Alice. She is recovering,” she is quoted as saying. “Paragraph”.

Note that at the beginning of 2022, Alice announced that she was diagnosed with one of the last stages of syphilis. She blamed her mother and first husband for having infected her. “They poisoned me! And for a long time … My mother poisoned me stubbornly. She gave me a lot of injections, so she could only watch her daughter burn down …” – complained ex-wife of Arshavin.

All this was preceded by a lawsuit with Andrei’s mother for the mansion. Kazmina refused to move out of someone else’s house. As a result, the former mother-in-law sued her.

They did not add joy to the woman and terrible changes in appearance. The once attractive brown-haired woman’s nose fell through due to necrosis. Only a multi-stage operation could save her. In addition, surrounded by a mother of many children, they said that she needed the help of a psychiatrist.

Where is Alice now – one can only guess. Earlier there were rumors that she could end up in the hospital. Perhaps now the woman is undergoing some kind of therapy, so she does not get in touch.

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