May 30, 2023

table of the estuary kicks off the election campaign with very clear ideas. It will be fifteen days in which the people of Huelva will be shown “a very ambitious city project, where employment, health and the environment will be the bulwarks on which the team that makes up this group will work. The recovery and cleaning of decontaminated soil, the change in the city’s economic model, sustainable mobility, as well as participation and transparency are also the foundations on which the electoral program of Mesa de la Ría is based.

Mesa de la Ría will carry out a “street campaign” again, with the aim of getting in touch with the citizens and learning first-hand about the problems of the people of Huelva, since Huelva deserves a true alternative, one that works and fights for what that we all want for this city.

This organization, as it has been doing for years, tries to work with a project that counts, Rafael Gavilán, candidate for mayor for Mesa de la Ría, has assured, “with the best candidates, delivered by their city, their detailed knowledge of the problems of Huelva and his commitment to a better future for his land”. With “the best”, Gavilán said, the future of Huelva will be shaped, “which needs a major change”.

In addition, Mesa de la Ría has a program with which the candidate wants to get the mayoralty of Huelva “to get out of the feeling of stagnation in which the city is immersed, to get out of the feeling that things are not being done well and of that mental block on the part of the current socialist government”. Gavilán has insisted that he does not come to make revolutions, but with the intention of improving the city, because there is a lot of room for it. “We are going to bring a very nice project to Huelva, very interesting for the citizens and that will put our city where it deserves to be and not where it is now.”

And all of this will be achieved, according to Rafael Gavilán, “with a lot of streets, with a lot of presence in the neighborhoods; with a campaign in which closeness, as this organization has always done, will play a fundamental role. We will put together exciting and committed projects with our neighbors to achieve a better future for our city”.

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