June 2, 2023

Mercadonaa physical supermarket and online sales company, has inaugurated its 1,000th store with the section ‘Ready to eat’which launched in 2018. With the implementation of this new service in the store located in the commercial park of Polvorín marshesin capital huelvathe chain already has 961 establishments with ‘Ready to Eat’ in Spain, of which 184 are in Andalusia, and 39 in Portugal, in this country under the name of Soon to Eat.

This section, with direct attention and free service, responds to those “Bosses” (customers) who opt for ready-to-eat dishes, with a varied and quality assortment, which continues to adapt year after year to consumer needs and trends. of customers.

In all the stores in Spain with ‘Ready to Eat’ you can choose between a wide variety of dishes which includes macaroni bolognese, lentils, stuffed aubergine, Russian salad and pasta and tuna salad, as well as pizzas, different types of croquettes, tortillas, sandwiches, burger with cheese, fried chicken in batter or Angus hamburger with bacon, among others. In addition, in stores in Andalusia they have mixed paella, roast chicken, quarter chicken and roast frango. All these options are served in containers made from natural materials, such as sugar cane (compostable material), cardboard or paper.

An Asian assortment has recently been added to these options, with sushi, poke and yakisoba. To complete the satisfaction of the “Bosses”, the stores have cold drinks and an area with tables and chairs with microwave furniture to heat and eat.

Mercadona in Huelva

Mercadona has 20 supermarkets in the province of Huelva and a workforce that at the end of 2022 amounted to 917 people. Last year it invested more than 3.6 million euros to contribute to the economic activation of Huelva. This investment effort reaffirms the company’s commitment to this province, where it collaborates with more than 35 specialist suppliers.

Mercadona has not stopped consolidating its business project in Huelva, where there are already 18 centers adapted to the Efficient Store Model. Likewise, it continued to implement its new “Ready to Eat” section, available in 11 supermarkets in the province.

In addition, the company maintains a social commitment with the residents of the areas in which it has a presence and activity. In the case of Huelva, last year Mercadona donated 319 tons of essential products to 14 soup kitchens, the Huelva Food Bank and other charities.

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