June 3, 2023

The prestigious doctor and lecturer Mario Alonso Puig gave a talk this Wednesday in Huelva in which he spoke about The importance of leaving the comfort zone and overcome the limits that oneself imposes. Alonso Puig explained that the mental processes that make us think that we cannot go further or that certain obstacles are too big for us are just an illusion. In his personal experience, the expert has verified that what seems impossible can happen if we dare to leave our comfort zone and challenge our limiting beliefs.

The expert has encouraged the more than 600 attendees to maintain a positive attitude and not to remain trapped in fear, since this can prevent us from growing and evolving. In this sense, he has highlighted the importance of being patient and knowing how to adapt to the natural rhythms of things. In summary, Dr. Mario Alonso Puig’s talk has been a call for self-esteem, optimism and motivation, inviting attendees to trust in their abilities and adopt a positive attitude towards life’s challenges.

The CEOs of Mentes Expertas, Marina Zambrano and Pedro Cornejo, thanked the CSIF union for “their involvement in the project” at the beginning of the conference and highlighted the positive response they always receive from Huelva. Zambrano and Cornejo affirmed that thanks to their joint work they have managed to position the city of Huelva as a national benchmark in motivational presentations and positive psychology.

In 2018, Huelva joined the Expert Minds tour thanks to an agreement with the CSIF union, which allowed the participation of prominent speakers such as Víctor Kuppers, Pedro García Aguado, Javier Iriondo, Emilio Duró and now the prestigious doctor Mario Alonso Puig.

The president of CSIF-Huelva, Juan Manuel Quilón, also wanted to show his gratitude “for Huelva’s welcome to this cycle of conferences after the effort made by the union to ensure that these presentations reach the province.” Finally, Quilón assured that “with this initiative we achieve several objectives: to bring Huelva people closer to this type of conferences that, otherwise, would be quite difficult to access. Also, provide support to all people who need it through these meetings and, in parallel, place the city within the national scene making this event a social, institutional and business meeting point. Finally, and thanks to everything generated by these conferences, we also economically boost our capital”.

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