June 2, 2023
Band member "B2" Leva (Igor Bortnik)

Member of the Bi-2 group Leva (Igor Bortnik)

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

How many times have they told the world: all these liberal-minded, supposedly philanthropic artists, who so stand up for rights and freedoms, in reality sincerely revere only the Golden Calf and treat Russian listeners like a herd from which you can cut “cabbage”. They rest, live and enjoy life there, abroad, away from Russian speech and their breadwinners (listeners).

The gullible fan did not believe and shook his head: “Well, this cannot be, how is it? They also performed in Europe, visited Australia, the USA. They know what the air of freedom and real life are like.” The gullible listener paid for concert tickets and increased their audition rates, praised idols, subscribed to social networks, put likes.

And now – twenty-five again. Rake on the forehead. Once again, the Bi-2 group wiped their feet on the audience, for a long time determined about the SVOand about Russia. Guest performers Shura and Leva, finally cutting down a solid jackpot during performances at the Russian Super Cup football now entertain people in Turkeylike real animators, and yet they are not shy about insulting Russian people on a banned social network.

The inner demons of Lyova Bi-2 (Yegor Bortnik) were released by a holiday known in our country – Victory Day. On demshizu May 9 works flawlessly – like an exorcism. Regular verbal writhings creep out of the pacifists on this day (at the same time, of course, both Shura and Lyova, citizens of Israel, are not aware of the relationship of the militant state with Palestine). Therefore, Bortnik could not restrain himself and entered into correspondence with those who congratulated him on the holy day of victory over fascism for humanity.

Lyova mockingly congratulated his compatriots on “the day of the victory of the allied peacekeeping forces in the Second World War”, gloatingly ignoring both the USSR and the concept of “Great Patriotic War”. Well, at the same time, forgetting that World War II ended a little later – on September 2, 1945. And then he wrote to one of the subscribers “you are murderers” (meaning the Russian people), pointing out that Russia “crossed out all its achievements.”

The more the musician was interested in why exactly he denigrates people he didn’t know, PEACEFUL people, the more the Belarusian (Yegor was born in Soviet Minsk) with an Israeli passport became inflamed: “I don’t give a damn about people like you”, “you turned into animals” and so on. The fans, stunned by the outbreak of madness of Leva, began to hastily unsubscribe from him on social networks, and the soloist himself summed up: “I will not return to Russia.”

Well, let’s see how Bortnik keeps his word. Indeed, in our country, “B-2” is still scheduled summer concerts in big cities – Moscow, Sochi and Volgograd. Paradoxically.

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