June 6, 2023


Photo: Maria REMIZOVA

Last summer, producer Igor Matvienko announced the launch of the AvtorA! for songwriters writing in Russian.

-I thought that we need to make a competition for the authors. If everything works out, new songs will fall into the repertoire of popular artists. We need to replenish our golden collection of songs,” the producer told KP.RU.

To begin with, music experts have chosen the best hundred songs.

And then the masters had a more difficult task – the selection of the top 20 hits.

Now the competition “Author!” summed up new results, the experts announced the winners of the creative task to find new songs for the Victory Day. The best hits were included in the collection of patriotic songs “Author!” “May 9” and, according to the established tradition, are performed by pop stars.

Physicist-bard from Novoshakhtinsk Viktor Gavrilenko became a real sensation of the competition. He presented the song “The Sun” to the jury, which received the maximum number of points.

The song about a guy defending his homeland, addressed to his beloved, touched the jury with its sincerity, imagery and sadness.

– A song of the level of “Dugout”, a great military song! – actor Dmitry Kharatyan noted at the pitching. – I will perform it, promote it. For me, the tears that came during the audition are the most important criterion. The song hits the soul and heart immediately, it immediately responded to me.

The author of the song, Viktor Gavrilenko, having contacted the studio, said that he began to study music since childhood – “about 50 years ago”: “The song was written on February 23, 2023. It’s about today. I live on the border with the Lugansk region and have been there many times. I am not a professional musician and singer, I am a physicist by profession. And who is this “sun”, to whom is the song dedicated? This is my wife, Valeria!”

The second place, according to the voting results, was taken by a student from Dubna, 23-year-old native of Nizhnevartovsk Natalya Rassokhatskaya, with the song “I cry”. Her song will now be sung by Irina Dubtsova, Victoria Daineko and Irina Toneva.

In third place – the author Larisa Fomina from Kurgan with the composition “Love in Russian”, which was taken by Dmitry Dyuzhev for performance.

And Elena Gudkova from Krasnoye Selo took the fourth place in the pitching, her song “Victory Machine” will be sung by the Fabrika group.

The jury also won the sympathy of the Moscow rock musician Igor Gorin. His song “By Cars” took seventh place and now it is in the repertoire of Sergei Bezrukov.

The leader of the creative task, Viktor Gavrilenko from Novoshakhtinsk, will receive 500 thousand rubles, and the contestants who took second and third places will receive 250 thousand rubles each.

In the collection of patriotic songs “Author!” May 9″ includes compositions written by the finalists of the main competition and an additional creative task of writing a song for Victory Day.

The collection also includes the SHAMAN track “The Most Russian Hit”.

The song for the artist was written by Nikolay Chebanov and Dilyara Khairullina. SHAMAN has already managed to shoot a video for “The Most Russian Hit”, the clip has collected millions of views on YouTube.

– I immediately liked the song “The Most Russian Hit”. I marked it right away. The song was already self-sufficient. My task was not to spoil it,” SHAMAN told KP.RU. “It turned out that “The Most Russian Hit” is a continuation of the “I am Russian” series. But in general, I don’t select a song by title, it just touched the strings of my soul. Imagine what path, how many barriers a song needs to go through in order to pierce the chest of each listener, so as not only to get into the heart, but to settle there for a long time. Only honest songs can do that.

– I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it, – confessed SHAMAN.

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