June 1, 2023

He Aljaraque Town Hall was the scene this Wednesday of the I Conference on Prevention and Evacuation of the Interface Zone due to Forest Firean event organized by the consistory, through its Environment Department, at the request of the Provincial Firefighters Consortium.

In it, both the territorial delegate for Sustainability, the Environment and the Blue Economy, Pedro Yórquez, and the mayor of Aljaraque, David Toscano, have thanked the speakers for their enormous work both in preventing fires and in acting on them by time that have highlighted the suitability of holding this day to offer the greatest possible information and all available self-prevention tools to the population.

The conference was attended by Francisco Santamaría, INFOCA Plan technician, Verónica Borrero and Alfredo Lineros, Environment agents, Sebastián Contreras, SEPRONA first sergeant, Rocío Allepuz, Emergency Management technical advisor, Rafael Rodríguez, head of the Consortium Park Provincial Fire Department, and Manuel Ruiz Casamichana, head of the Local police from Aljaraque.

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